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Personal belongings

For me, being a woman we should have our own things and belongings. It is very important because every now and then we need it. Every time there is occasion we need to have a good fit, comfortable, and quality. So I could say shop for and buy profile by gottex online now for your personal things as what I wanted to do.

Fish tuna

I prepared tuna cooked with vinegar and other spices with soft drinks and ready to serve for lunch.. It’s not really cooking since there is no heat involved. I am not a good in cooking but at least i tried and proud I did it. I love fish rather than meat. I don’t eat meat eventually but fish and fruits are my favorite foods.

Household chore

I have been having busy days due to the schedules such as meetings and special gathering that are going to be done at the same day. I have no time for the household chore and housework. Due to my busy days it is better to ask for raleigh house cleaning service to clean the entire house. I am so thankful there are services do like this when we need assistance.

Homecoming treat

My three sisters just got home from different countries. When they go overseas, they are expected to bring back gifts on their return. And that is very exciting. I received souvenirs from them like shoes, dresses and many more and went to the department store for shopping.

Just finished

Our homes are the greatest expenditures you will have throughout our lives. We had some funny moments I’ll always remember in every corner of our house. Our house has just finished renovated and we put a Vibia lighting in every bedroom. We can’t imagine the progress of our home. It’s because of our hard work and determination. Thanks God for everything.

Zip line

The Social Network is about a lot of things. It can and does open lines of communication with the people. I opened my friends account and I saw her photo shot while in zip line using her ray ban 3293. I asked about there and she replied and it seems like I wanna go there to experience how does it feels riding with the zip line.

Steam Bath

We went to the mountain hot spring this morning. And experienced the steam bath. Wow! It feels so good. It was an experience we’ve heard about this place for years from plenty of people. It increases circulation and provides a generally relaxing and healthy experience. We Have some great pictures from our trip to the hot springs.

A pair of bread

A pair of banana bread and a cup of coffee are my perfect food for breakfast. I think this bread will replace my need for that perfect muffin. Yes, I love to pair this bread with coffee and I would make it an awesome breakfast in bed. It is obviously, I’m on diet. I eat rice but not every morning. Usually, I eat rice by lunch and in dinner time.


Beautification is the process of making visual improvements to a person and projects bring neighbors together, building pride, cohesion and connection. Every morning, it is our customary to plant anything. I don’t know why I am energetic diligent person i don’t feel tired all I want is to keep myself busy by cleaning, planting and beatification around the house.

Feel comfortable

Pets are like humans, can be treated with natural remedies. To make my pets love me in return, I have to show them respect, honor, compassion and love them. I am getting a good night’s sleep with my bed but i make it sure that my pets are secured in a memory foam dog bed for comfort to make them feel comfortable and feel better before i am going to sleep.

My neigbhorhood

Last Saturday, we all gathered in the village and decided to jointly carry out a cleaning operation particularly in our drainage canals and waterways trash pickup and grass cutting. As our preparation of the rainy season to avoid floods that may help reduce loss of property as well as loss of life. We can’t prevent flash floods but we can minimize by starting cleaning up.

Piano piece for children

When I was started playing piano my teacher helped me how to play piano pieces for children. The piece she has given me is about pbone as my piano assignment. It is very exciting because when i play the piece it seems like i am marching with the beat of trombone and I feel the melody and harmony while I’m playing my piano.

Cherry on top of a sundae

I don’t like showy people because they are arrogant or boastful in order to get the attention to the public. As what my cousin did. My cousin is hot. Amazingly hot. She likes to wear obscene, indecent short sexy dresses. It seems like she’s a cherry on top of a sundae that many people talked about her delicacy.

Best food I ate last night

I had a dinner with my workmates last night to finish our unfinished meeting. Held at the grill restaurant just near by our office. It was a best food for me that I will convince my hubby to have dinner too. The place was made of woods and natives but it’s beautiful and affordable. And the exciting thing was we didn’t use any spoon of fork we used our hands to eat. We’ll it’s okay and a nice experience.

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