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Midnight snack

I may not have eaten enough earlier in the day. But before going to bed I usually have some cheese, yogurt and fruit for my late night snack.I heard that midnight snack is not advisable. Now I wanna stop the Midnight snack Habit and eat the proper diet.


God commands us to be faithful in attending the meetings of our church.Yesterday I attended a meeting and we talked about the this year’s program particularly in December. In preparation of the coming Christmas activities we are told to find personalized ornaments to be presented each department. Great ideas is to have a wonderful and beautiful decoration as we celebrate the essence of Christmas.


A graduate or former student, of a particular school, college, or university is called an alumni. I was informed that there is alumni homecoming this year to be held in our school. It most commonly refers to a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools. This is my chance to connect with classmates and involve myself in some great activities. I’m so excited!

Protective Cases

My parents as well as my younger siblings were somewhat open-minded about music. My father has his own sound system. Sometimes we are careless that caused damage to the equipments. I saw a very cute arriba cases at musicians friend and I think it fixes my fathers sound equipments. This is a good protection of his investments and hard works. We really need this.


I was driving and I’m on my way back home when suddenly hole was made tires. I stopped immediately and check what was happened. I’m surprised…there’s a nail got caught in my spike. I was dismayed. I really had no choice but to walk along hauling forward until reached at home.


I asked my friends what is a romantic gift I could give my boyfriend on our two-year anniversary.Then they respond “it’s up to you”. How many times I think about it. I want to buy a military coin for him. That’s the only thing that came up to my mind. It’s just a simple coin. So that he can not forget the memory of his father who is a military died five years ago.

Too heavy

Cleaning my bedding needs to be done on a regular basis. Otherwise, my bedding will become smelly. My problem is my bedsheets are thick and heavier and harder to manage when wet and it’s hard for me to drain the water. I don’t used washing machine because it’s too heavy so I do hand wash and put into the wire clothesline on which washed bedsheets are hung to dry.

I love music

I really love music. And every now and then I’m looking for something new to make something different until I heard about this new little martin guitar at musicians friend. I am interested about this. I’ve seen these and it seems like a good idea of making sounds. Wow, I wanna try this. I must finds ways how to achieve and get this new little guitar that I’m longing.

A day with my sisters

I’ve been having so much fun with my sisters this week! They treated me. We’ve been to the department store for shopping, eating outside and went to the body massage center.Thanks sisters for always being there on my side & for helping me in dose infinite ways which I can’t even remember. At least you made me happy anyhow.

My desire

I think about my greatest desires every day. And one of my greatest desire is to have my own business. By starting a small business is one of those huge, life-altering events and to have a life-changing experience. One of my business plan is building a cheap business card printing and pushes this to happen. Of course if God’s will it will happen and wait for the right time.

Sunday’s best

Every Sunday morning I used to get up early and fix every thing before going to the church. Because Sunday is special I must apply practical tips on what to wear and how to dress up when worshiping God. I always wear dresses particularly proper and casual dress every Sunday.


There are several kinds of relaxation we can do. Just to relieve the symptoms of stress and tiredness. Snap time is the easiest way to relax but I can’t fall asleep easily. The second option I do is to let myself amused by watching premier tv mounts that I often fall asleep gradually while it’s still on. Sometimes I read books because I fall asleep as soon as I start!

Falling leaves

It’s very hot this week in many areas across the country. Sad to see my flowers are affected. The leaves are turning yellow and falling off….all the leaves fell off. I feel regret and frustrated. Stalemate of the environment due to the climate change.

Freedom to whatever i want

They said “there is no place like home” yes it’s true. I always love having the freedom to whatever i want, when i want, to watch …there are a few reasons why I’d rather stay home than go out. When I’m home i usually turned on the flat screen TV mounts while having breakfast and watch discovery channels. I want to stay at home instead of rambling somewhere.

Muscle pain

We just got home from a short vacation from Ocean park and Disneyland. It’s been a long walk, getting from there to here beyond the sunny skies. It was a great vacation and funny but today I feel muscle pain on my legs and is calming down when I’m laying in my bed. However, I’m so thankful because God kept us safe when there was turbulence in our flights. Thank you Lord.

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