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Praying for someone

I’ve been waiting for so long for I was praying for someone who will take the responsibility of doing some furniture units for the display. I was thinking might be a person I met could be a key person I was looking for. We scheduled to talk about this matter and hopefully we can agree the partnership of the business. Thank you Lord for what you have done.

Wonderful things happened

I just wanna thank God for all the things happened in our family. For the vacation of my sisters at home coming from abroad. For the gift they shared and the treat to tour at Eden natures park. For the nice sky cycle riding, truly amazing and a great adventure. The food we ate was so delicious. I always cherish this moment bonding with the whole family. Chatting while laughing loud. It took our fears and worried for the mean time.

God cares

Every details in our life God knows and cares about this. When we felt sad, He is there to comfort us. W hen we are in need, He is there to provide us. When we are uncertain for so many things, He is there to guide us. Every minute, every moment He never leave us for it was His promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us. I always hold His promise. Thank you Lord.

Double time

Starting today the PHIC policy imposed so we have to double time our effort to complete the filing and to make sure all requirements are complete and well done. Our work started exactly eight in the morning and ended till eight in the evening. I know its not easy but we’re sure with God’s help we can make it. So my hubby and my juday at home needs to wait me late.

So excited

Another year God has given and another opportunity to work with various ways to left up our status of living. Sooner I will be transferred to my new assignment, so excited but sad in some ways because I will leave my colleague and new office mate will i be working. My husband will become so busy with his furniture business. I treated this as a new challenges in our life. I know blessing awaits.Just we hold on in Gods promises and favors. Thank you God.

My talented daughter

I just can’t imagine my daughter at 2 years she asked me to buy her a guitar. I don’t know where she got the idea but I noticed she’s loving playing guitar at a very young age. She once asked her Tito to teach her how to play. I can see that my daughter is a music lover and also she has a good voice. There are many music lessons that can help my daughter improve with her talents.

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