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She loves to sing

As early as three year old my daughter Juday love to sing so much. Last Sunday after our church service my daughter at last asks her father to play a guitar for her because she wanted to sing. She hold micro phone and took her a video. It was amazing for she sang very well. Right after I downloaded a video to my face book account and super likes and comments flooded. Thank you God.

Adjustment period

I and my hubby live together for almost five years till now and I think we need to spend extra effort to consider some ways. We are happy but there are some thing that we need to improve and some ways to understand. We have a lot of common but I cannot deny the fact that we also have lot of differences. These means we have to be more patient and understanding. I know I can’t do it with myself because of my limited character, but with God I know nothing is impossible.

Wonderful feeling

What a wonderful feeling that you can able to extend help for someone who needs. But sometimes we have to be careful because others are taking opportunities just to get something for you. I don’t know why? maybe these are the reasons why some people never reached to the point of having a beautiful life and fulfilling. Some of the reasons why their are still poverty situation experienced by many are, number one laziness, number two lack of knowledge lastly, no plan at all.

Two hours travel

We went to Davao City,a two hours travel from our home just to ask assistance from blood center. We need blood type AB for my Tya Helen who is now admitted at Davao Regional Hospital. She was diagnose for mayoma and needs to be removed or operated to make her recover. She’s bleeding for almost two weeks and she is always in pain. Thanks God for His provision and blessing for the medicines and doctors.

Beautiful family life

Everyone wanted to have a beautiful family lives. In fact before getting married most of the couples undergone seminars in before building their homes. The fact is that, there is no perfect marriage. There’s always circumstances and hardship that leads to misunderstanding, quarrel and others lead to separation. What an awesome truth that really happens to our society nowadays. In our own family life even we are Christian sometimes we experienced like this, but we thank you for God’s grace that He gave us patient and keep us united with His love and care.

Awesome God

For the rest of my life I felt how God cares and intervene in my life. There are times that I walked against His will but I felt how he warned and stop me. There are times that I needed Him so much especially if I got sick, needs financial and other things I felt His presence of providing our needs, that’s how awesome God He is. Truly there is none like you. All things are done by you and you made my life complete because of you.

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