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I felt their burdens

The most busiest group in the party are the third year students. They are responsible for the whole preparations including the foods and the activities that are done in the party. I felt their burdens and love for the tasks entrusted for them. Yes, I’m sure God is happy of what you are doing. Many lives are bless through you.

A memorable one

Thank you my daughter’s birthday last month. Thank you to all who helped and contributed for making the celebration a memorable one. To my in-laws who came over from far place just to witness and greet the celebrant. To my family who help us emotionally and financially. To all who came and gave their gift and sang a happy birthday…thanks you so much. Gyndy liked the charms a lot. We can see in her eyes how happy she was and excited to be officially two years old. To God be all the glory.

When I came back

When I came back I brought with me jewelry for presents for my special friends. They were nice and I am glad they like it. There are a wide collection of jewelries that I am sure you would like. You must check their site to see different styles of accessories for elegance and to match your mode, either with diamonds, precious stones, watches and bridal collection.

Just love it

For all my life I’ve tried to walk around for long hours, window shopping, going to beautiful places here in Singapore by walk together with my sisters. Body aches especially in my lower extremities developed and it hurts so much. I got a hard time getting up and it took me 2 days to regain my strength. But I was lucky enough because I bought very beautiful shoes which I only paid a half of the original price. I just love it.

She gave me

When my sister arrived home from the US 3years ago she gave me a pair of jacket and jogging pant. The pants were quite loose that time but totally fit to me now. Before my other sister leaved to work for Africa I gave her the jacket since she liked and needed it much. I am so happy to see that she is still using the jacket perfect for the hot weather there which helped her skin not to be directly exposed to sunlight and for cold also during the night.

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