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He’s selling

Allan said he’s selling one of his trucks, which for me just makes great sense when it is of not much use at all. But it is still a real good machine with newly added or replaced accessories that you can buy anywhere Juday spare parts they have extensive collection of auto accessories for all truck and vehicles to transform yours into your own style and quality.

Getting better

Our music team is getting better unlike before that there are some problems with regards to timing and mastery. My brother headed the band and he played guitar. Because of giving enough time and practice, the group became famous in the city and neighboring places. Were praying for the release of their album soon.

Time for bonding

We’re so lucky to have a music minded family and it make us more happy, meaningful life and closer for each other because we have time for bonding and united just for music. Our music instrument collection help us a lot also in mastering the song we sang while playing,it help us defined the sounds produced and keeps melody even from the bottom of our souls. Really nice and amazing.

First time

I remember the first time where grace veracity choir went to Davao just to record the first album. I thought we will sing together while recording our voices but what had happened was we sang one by one and it took almost a day to finish. We were starving and felt so stressed but were happy and excited for it was our first time hearing a song made by us.

Music director

If you have notice the performance of the band during the concert you might see only the performers who do effort just to make the music very well. Of course we cannot deny the fact that performers played the vital role in the concert. But don’t you know who is behind everything? There is a music director who is the mind of everything and makes their performance great and excellent. They work together as a team.

Best mom

I am very happy to see my mother having a break and enjoying her vacation together with my sisters in Singapore and Malaysia. I envy their very nice pictures together. She deserved such treat for she is a very hard working mom who took care us all seven children without complaining. It’s our time to take care of her and give the things she deserved. We have the best mother of the world and we are very proud of her. She’s our crown!

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