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They will do everything

You know, If people are so desperate and frustrated, they will do everything so other people might be the same, regardless of what effects might bring they just continue and pursue their plans. So I need to pray and asks God to make me strong to where I am today. Lord my prayer is that whatever their accusations to me or whatever issues they throw to me I will not be affected. You will protect and continue to care for me. And pray for them also Lord that you will give them peace and teach them to experienced

I promised to stay

I knew I’m not perfect, my partner in life also the same. We have so many disagreements but we believed that we are united in so many ways and bonded because of the love that holds us from God. No matter what happens, whatever happens I promised to stay my love for my partner for not our selves who choose that but believed that God set us up and it is His will. Thank you Lord.

Just follow His will

I don’t know how and why there’s a lot of people’s mind are so close in terms of growth from both spiritual and material, especially nowadays that the system of the church set up and ways upgraded. The reality is that, I know we cannot please everybody, and we cant make every body’s demand for we are just human and not super man, our strength is limited. One thing I new is that our christian life are full of adventures and we don’t know Gods plan ahead. What I need to do is just to follow His will to wherever he wants me to do. Thank you Lord.

He wants me

Until now I can’t believed how God works in my life. For many times I failed, for how many times I’m lost and wander, but still I felt His love and cares for me. Now I realized that God really wants me to be His worker and a ambassador for His name. I just wanna express my big thanks giving for Him and ask Him always to remind me things I need to do and things I don’t need to.

Feeling excited

I’m so excited for this day for again we can worship God in spirit and in truth. So excited also for I can face again the members of the church and the fruit of our labor that we did when we were doing a massive evangelism in the surrounding areas of the church. Happy also for I will share today and deliver Gods message from the bible to His people. May God will give me wisdom and strength today…Thank you Lord.

We wonder and amazed

The church in Galilee founded just last May 2014 three months ago and we wonder and amazed how God works with us in that ministry. We just started with a few friends but now our attendance every Sunday reached not less done one hundred and fifty individuals including children’s and visitors. This scenario make us realized to make a big church building to cater the needs of many and of course the sound system we need to use every time their is an activities in the church, and I believed that we need to get one and start fixing the new instruments and sound system to be used as soon as possible.

I will just obey His will

I prayed to God for many times if what is really His plan for me. especially for the ministry where He wanted me to be, but till now I’m still uncertain. I’m doing Gods kingdom through Galilee Church and I felt I’m used by God for the church growth rapidly even the ministry started just a few months…Now we are planning to make a big Cathedral in Tagum City supported by the Koreans to cater the needs of Tagumeneous. Honestly, I’m happy and excited for these plan but feeling worried that someday I may completely turn back off from the ministry where I came from…I still don’t know Gods plan for me…I will just obey His will…thank you Lord

For the first time

Feeling great and very happy for the first time after my old church separated from things to come mission that I and my wife and my daughter join together for worship at Korean Galilee Church. It was my prayer till now that we should join in the ministry..I know God will answer everything and I know that time will come that we will be together in one church forever…I’m hoping and praying that again Satan will not dictate them to make us separate from where God placed me….Thank you Lord for everything.

Everything happened with purpose and reasons

Truly, God is so good…I cant imagine how God still working in my life…After what happened to our church especially when most of my relatives leave us and decided to transfer their affiliation with other group or they called it partnership of ministry, I was very disappointed and was discouraged that leads me to experienced miserable family life…but in spite of everything else, still God is so good and realized that all happened was allowed by God for a purpose….I don’t know how but God lead me to a big ministry where my heart is tone and happy….

Spend more time for practice

I have at least two times a week spending time alone just to master the piece  we needed for the group practice. I’m a lead guitarist in the band. The music’s we have are awesome that can catch every one’s heart and the gadgets and instruments are new. Once a week my group band members come here in our house for practice

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