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My favors are from Him

After one day of enjoying my rest day I have to do again my routine in ministering God’s children. I knew I can make it because God is with me. This is His kingdom and I will just obey His will. I knew He puts me there and I knew He will care for me and will make me a successful one. I’m so proud of where I am today. Truly if we will just trust Him and obey Him faithfully surely a favor from Him are there always..Thank you God.

Good luck guys

The most awaiting part of our life is the weeding day… My friend ling2’s weeding will on Friday at huyong garden resort. It is a garden weeding and a very expensive and elegant wedding. I knew that they gave much for this for this is the most and memorable day for both of you. Good luck guys and best wishes for you.

We are unique

I really appreciate people who never thought of what might be the return after doing big things for someone. That en devour is true and a heart is good. That’s exactly what God wants us to be. God wants us to do good, not just for our families and relatives but also for others like neighbors and etc. We should not be selective of what we long and hope for someone, for God made us uniquely and wonderfully.

buy wigs

A few months ago my friend Lea undergone chemotherapy at least two times a month for eight sessions because of her breast cancer. Good to know because the Doctor gave them a assurance for full recovery of the said sickness. The problem she now face is the lose of her hairs and came up to the point that she have no hair at all so suggested her to scan and buy wigs at jon renau wigs and she  was happy and will buy as soon as possible.

Teach us

I do not know why we need to face several problems in life. Some problems are small and some are big that we almost give up. Why? why? why? especially if family is involve like relationship and miss understanding, pride and selfish attitude. Children are affected in the most cases and we need to take heed about it. Oh Lord help me. I have a lot of problems, help me to make all things alright. If I’m wrong teach me to be humble and do something for me to realized. And if they are wrong also and if I’m correct in your sight please teach them to make themselves realize too.

Why I just knew this lately

I was laughing when I went last week to the mall looking for a bathing suit because I got a hard time of looking for what would be exactly fitted for me. It took lot of time looking for plus sizes womens swimwear. While chatting with my sister she told me that online stores are available and I will just give my size and that swimwear will just be delivered. Oh I said to my self why I just knew this lately……

The most important

Sunday is the most important time for me, this is what I believed. This is the time that I need to spent my time in experiencing the power and His presence. This is the time for fellowship and to study Gods word. This is also the need for sharing every bodies experiences and success in life. As a christian I have to recommend and to tell you that spending time God and co believers are essential.

Looks great

Everyday we woke up early and prepared our selves to spend more of our time for business and or jobs. This because we have individual dreams and desires. Just like me I dreamed for a better future and at least a beautiful life and beautiful house. I saw my cousins house in the province and it looks great for the motif of their house are unique and most of the parts are made from woods. I was thinking if how can I produce wood products here in the city, but maybe I will just use oak veneer sheets to make it more beautiful and not expensive.

Not easy

Honestly speaking money is not easy to look for, it is very hard for we need to let our sweet out before we can take it. Some of my relatives and friends thought that we are okay and money for us are easy. To tell you I need to wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night just to finish my work and can gain money.

Formal vests

I was so excited when ate laida told me that ling2 wedding is very near and I was invited as participants. So I asked ate laida to make a formal dress for me and she told me that she will make Americana seat for me. For the first time i think I can wear this kind of dress and I was so excited about it because it is a formal vests for men.

Restore the joy

Sorry Lord if their are times that I neglected you, their are times that I put you in shame. I did a lot of things not pleasant in your eyes and lead to cause us in trouble. Lord forgive me and restore the joy of my salvation and please help me to the best of mine in doing the things you entrusted. Thank you Lord.

Improve this area

It is our dream as human that our house will become elegant. We make our best and effort for the beautification. Outside our houses we put flowers and other ornaments to catch the eyes of many. Truly it can diminish problems and anxiety seeing our houses looks so beautiful. But the question is, how about our kitchens? especially the tables fitted tablecloths here are needed. We should improve this area for it reflects our personalities.

Special gift

It is a ber months and Christmas is coming. Parents, grand parents, untie and uncles are now busy preparing for gifts. A wonderful feeling if someone will give us a special gift especially if it come from dept 56 north pole online. But to tell you the most important for as human to received is a gift from God, no money can buy this, it is a gift of eternal life that can be obtained only by believing Jesus Christ as our personal savior and Lord. 

Don’t be discourage

Even how happy we are in the ministry still Satan tried his best to intervene our life and trying to destroy us. Sometimes he used our love ones to attack us or even our friends. But still I need not to be discouraged. God is with me, and I know and believed that I’m in the right tract. No matter what happened I know God is in my side and my decision in accepting God’s ministry in Galilee is Gods plan and His will. Thank you Lord.

The terms used

I’m just a beginner in the business world because I spent my past and many years in finance industry as a staff. Now that I’m engaged in the business of furniture I still need to adjust so many things. The process of the business, the parts and even the terms used like couch cushion, covers, gloss and etc. And I noticed also the need to cover the production needed and the most of all, the capital. So I prayed to God to help me find it.

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