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While discussing our activity plans for our final and actual application in our learning from homiletic subject, excitements and curiosity rises. We talked about the programs and even the goals of budget and I was happy feeling of fulfillment with their reactions because they show us the positive atmosphere and even willingness to be part of this great ministry. We knew this is not for ourselves but this is for Gods glory. Hope and pray that Gods sustaining grace are always there.

I never give-up

I remember the time when I was young, I enjoyed so many goodness in life, we are not rich but I can say that were living with a good life, anything I wanted I can easily get. Money for me that time was not a problem and I was blinded with the tricks of the world used by Satan through money, to make the story short I was fall and live ungodly life, I spent lot of money for nothing until all was gone. Time runs and all my possessions were gone till I live to the lowest status of life as if living with nothing. But I never give-up, I tried my best to finish my studies until I reach with who I am today. Now I always pray to God that He will give me wisdom to become a good steward for all things He entrusted to me. Thank you Lord.

Time is so important

Opportunities may come in our sometimes, that is why every single of an hour we have to invest it for our future for our moment will not come back again. It will just pass once never come back. I noticed most of my Korean friend who spend much time for their career in the future and their future needs. Not to judge for biases but their life is much happier and stable than us.

Be careful in everything

No doubt, my little girl copied all from my mother’s influence. The attitude, the actions and many many more. Some of my friends and relatives called her “gaga gamay”, meaning she really look like her mother. Influence has a vital role in our life for it is the pattern for children and their basis of actions. What the children saw from adults are always correct in their sights. So as adults we have to be careful in everything.

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