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Yes I got it!

Yes I got what I wished to receive on our exchanging of gift in the office. We had so much fun, we ate in a very cozy restaurant and after we did the exchanging of gift, the highlight and the most exciting part of the night. And Yes, my angel bought exactly the one I wrote on our  ‘my wish’ list. I love it so much. Thank you angel! At first I though it is bigger than my size but when I wear it, it fits!

Thank you! I also bought a Santa Claus for my manita as what she wrote on ‘my list’ also. We all went home happy with out gifts. This is what I received!

Timing your best chances for conception

Timing when to conceive is the one of the best way to get pregnant. For women, it’s best to know when she is ovulating as this window of opportunity is the couple’s best chance at conceiving. There are many ways to know when the woman is ovulating and that is using the free ovulation calculator online. Nowadays, more and more developers come up with free apps to help women determine when their ovulation is. These apps are available for all android and iPhone users. When you only need to do is provide the last day of your first menstrual period and how long your cycle is and the app will do the rest for you. These apps are only for women with regular periods as they may not provide the most accurate results if you have an irregular period, according to However, you don’t need to worry – there are other tools you can certainly use in checking your ovulation just like tracking your temperature using a basal body thermometer as well as an ovulation predictor kit. You can also detect your ovulation just by checking your cervical mucus.

A surprise visit

My dear daughter surprised me with a visit in the office one fine afternoon with her daddy of course! They just dropped by to see me for a while from the school before heading home. What a sweet surprise by the two of them. I brought my daughter inside for her to see what I am doing everyday at work. I put another chair beside me for her to to sit into. And oh my goodness, she accidentally saw her pink glass that I brought in the office without her knowing, and said, ‘Mommy this is mine, I want to bring this at home, you didn’t ask permission from me that you will borrow my pink plastic glass’. I feel ashamed to my daughter, I said sorry and I let her bring the glass at home..haha! After a week I brought again her pink glass at the office but now with permission. haha!

Its Christmas time

12 days to go before Christmas and everybody are so busy preparing for Christmas decor at home or in the office and many are planning what to wear on their Christmas party. This is my favorite month of the year because it sends message to everyone and unite the world, and the true meaning of this Christmas will be emphasized to all. The essence of loving, sharing and giving a part of God’s abundant blessing for the whole year. I enjoyed watching people singing Christmas Carole at home together with their guitar at, especially the children asking for something, even a single coin it can made them happy. This is also a time where in everyone receives Christmas bonus which is the most awaited part of one employee’s life:) Advance Merry Christmas to all!

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