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Brand new

We just bought a multi cab car, surplus car from Japan, at first we like so much because we wanted to use that car for personal use at the same time for business but I think we need to buy again a new one. A brand new one for our daily use. We saw through internet a brand new pi canto by KIA and we like it so much. Hopefully we can obtain that as soon as possible. I knew God is there and we will use it for His glory.

My house

It is our desire that our houses look so elegant, beautiful and most of all we must be comfortable while staying at home. If we have visitors as a host we are not hesitant to accept because we are sure that we can make them fell at home especially with our visiting relatives and friends. Lately we bought cabinet hardware at ovis, division of wim corp for our house improvements and I also planned to develop the landscaping besides the pool. All this things are done for my family and our future.

We’re preparing

While updating my sites my students are now so busy preparing for their music drama that will be presented at the city freedom park for our evangelistic crusade. Most of us are so excited because we are not only sharing our talents to people but also developing it to become more fruitful and successful in the near futures career in the service to our most high God. It is not easy, many things we need to sacrifice, our time, strength and even our own money to invest for Gods glory and honor. By faith we knew positively that God will bless the passions of our hearts in the near time.

Learn to wait

My daughter is so eager to have a new guitar because I promised her to buy one after their closing ceremony at school. She told me, mommy we need to buy now and I said you need to wait for the right time my love, because there is prize in waiting. I promised you and I mean it. You just need to focus studying for you final exam. I am touched because she understood and never asked me again. I am thankful to God for giving me a very thoughtful, caring and sweet daughter who always made my heart melt every time and always.

They are blinded

Apostle Paul says, the god of this world had blinded the minds of the unbeliever. The word god of this world referred to the devil because the letter g of the word god is in small letter. The devils tactic and strategies are now in the surrounding so people won’t believe the real God. Satan do not want that people will know that Jesus died at the cross for you and for the believers, Satan wants to destroy our testimonies so that people around us will not listen when we testify the name of God.

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