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Officially Ordained

I’m proud and I congratulate my husband for he is now officially ordained with the blessings and authority of the great Pastors and leader under the Grace Mission.This has been his desire so he can officiate a wedding and child dedication in our church. Now I pray for wisdom, strength as he step another level of his dedication and commitment to serve God all his life. Me and our daughter will be his back bone and support and he will be our strong post who will protect and love us in return.

Dad told me

Fashion and wellness are trending nowadays. People want to be appreciated by what they wear and at the same time we are too conscious about our health. The magnetic sports bracelet met the demand of both fashion and wellness, the charm of this products and the health benefits may encourage everyone to buy. Soon I may have this bracelet. My father dad experienced of mild stroke and aside from his medicine maintenance he also used this bracelet and he told me his blood never goes up and always in the normal stage.

Excitement with curiosity

Tomorrow I and my daughter Gyndy will go to Zambo for a conference and we also have reunions with our relatives there. So much excitement and curiosity because of the place according to my friends is very dangerous, bombing and kidnapping may happen any time. I was thinking with this and I knew God is greater than they and we are His children and we are more than conqueror. We knew God is in our side and no matter what He promise to be there with us always.

iprice: your one stop shopping destination!

I never tried to purchase product over the internet yet but when I landed at I decided to have my first time experience with them. As I can see on their website, they have lots of products that are on great deals not only that you can also get coupon codes for Zalora and Lazada items and lots more. This is a very convenient way to shop since you don’t need to go out, wait for the traffic light to turn green. You just need to sit with your computer with you and then click click and click and your stuff will be delivered to you! All you need to do is to open their website, select a category,find a stuff to want to buy, made the payment and relax, wait for you item to arrive door to door. It is very easy way, with your own convenient.



I love shopping at iprice, I love all their products and the saving that I will be getting from them, I can use it in some other project. Why not reward yourself or your love ones for the hard work you are doing everyday? or for your kids for doing good at school? Especially the school opening is approaching, why not buy your kids a nice bag to start the school this June? Gift your self or them with the quality and affordable stuffs that you/they will enjoy. I strongly recommend iprice as your one stop shopping destination. Have fun shopping guys! May you have the best shopping experience with iprice.

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