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Our vacation

For almost a week, we spent our vacation to my dad’s province, and it took us sixteen ours of travel. While there we hanged and spent enough time for bonding but while we enjoy singing the guitar I played was broken because one of my cousins was in hurry running while playing with each other. I ask my sister to find me a guitar center so I can buy and replace a new one.

Never again

We were the last who leaved the premises of our office last week because it happened that we tried to cater all our clients before going home even it’s already beyond our duty hour. At around 5:30 in the afternoon, we finished them entertained all. It just happened that we tend to forgot to off our air conditioning unit, unplugged the empty water dispenser and microphone. In the morning we were shocked by hearing the news, I can’t really believed that we didn’t check on it before leaving. We really had a guilty feeling inside and feeling ashamed to what we did. We cant blame our head about her reaction and we accepted it. There is just one thing we wish that she would do, confront us face to face, telling us to make Incidental report and by not telling everyone about what happened and by letting us only hear what she said, without facing us about what happened! Anyway its all our fault, this reminds us to be careful and be watchful always. We promised it wont happen again! This time we don’t want to be the last one to leave our office:)

For Gods glory

If we are serious in music we have to make sure that the gadgets and the PRS Guitars or other musical instruments we are using are in the highest standard. These were my statement when we have a meeting in the church for our development strategy. As an assigned worker for the music ministry department, I have to make it sure that all are best because these are not for ourselves, these are for Gods glory and honor.

Interview date

It is an answered prayer for us at last the interview date for mom and dad at US embassy has been scheduled and we are so excited for that. In the other side we are worried for their medical since they are getting old, it might hinder them to enter the USA, but we are confident and trust God to work over their medical at St. Lukes Hospital that everything will be okay and God will supply all their financial needs. Mom and dad is now busy for check up and take some meds so when they got there, they are already prepared for the result. We are praying for positive result and Visa will be granted to them, my precious parents.

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