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She’s getting older

Truly she’s getting older; few days ago my little girl was part of my cousin wedding. She was a flower girl and she was so cute and beautiful with her gown. We just chatted with my hubby and have some fun of imagining our future soon. Might be soon she will ask us to get marry, it was just fun but you know time runs fast. Hopefully she will have a good future.

We are just stewards

God supplies all our needs. A few days I received blessing from God and it was great, more than I expected. The reflections I got from this are that, we are just His stewards, if we can be trusted for small things, surely God also may trust us in big things. What is important today is the reflection to ponder and asks ourselves if we are able and ready to manage Gods wealth in our life. We can’t deny the fact that all of us want to have a better future.

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