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Feel comfortable

Pets are like humans, can be treated with natural remedies. To make my pets love me in return, I have to show them respect, honor, compassion and love them. I am getting a good night’s sleep with my bed but i make it sure that my pets are secured in a memory foam dog bed for comfort to make them feel comfortable and feel better before i am going to sleep.


I am preparing for my sow’s giving birth. She has ten more days left.  A few days before giving birth, she will be moved to farrowing crate I made for her where she is able to lie down to nurse while being held apart from her piglets. I am so excited and already prepared oxytocin and other medicine to be needed during her delivery.

Sleep better

My pets has no bedding or a place that they sleep regularly. He is just lying in her basket and sometimes in the floor. I think I need bed for pet will help them sleep better at night. Puppy is just like a baby and everyone loves a puppy, just like everyone loves a baby.Dogs are animals but we should treat them as human being.

I’ll miss you Jack!

I’ve had a bad few days with my dog. I don’t know what happen to my puppy named jack. I think my puppy ate something bad. She is vomiting and he is bleeding. Since we got him he pooped blood. I gave him anti-bacterial and gave him water I put the tip of the syringe in his mouth and I gently squeezed his cheeks and held his mouth open until he swallowed. But It didn’t work. Jack died.

A man’s best friend

I believe that a dog is a man’s best friend. My dog named Jack and Jill has just finished deworming to keep my puppies safe from parasites. I am a dog lover. I love them so much. In fact, I am collecting dog statues to put on display in my living room. I want cute and nice designs so I look here for dog garden statues that I want to have.

My playful puppy

I have a puppy named whistle; she’s so cute, when I’m upset she sits next to me and licks me and she always stays near me if she thinks I’m hurt… Every after bath, I give her a treat as a reward for cooperating in the bath. Whistle is playful and likes to bounce, jump up and down. Circling around me running forward and back to play while her tail wagging.

Funny Pig

Before I start my post let me explain I have over 2 years of piggery experience. I want to share my funny story just this past few days. I was shocked when I saw my pig jumped over the fence. It was so funny and I can’t believe it. The fence is 1 meter high and he is only 20 kilos. It is impossible for him to jump over but he did. I think he wanted to do something or looking foods or playing? I opened the doorway for him to be able to go back in his place then he walked slowly and get inside. That is a funny thing for me.

Livestock supplies

When you care for any kind of livestock, you always wanted them to be at its best. And that takes more than just feeding. You need more care. Jeffers Livestock brings out the best potential of every livestock under your care by providing everything you need like cattle supplies to vaccines and farm products. Basically they provide all things you need with quality that you can trust.

Benefits of Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is also called white blood for the body because it contains many vitamins and various amino acids is good for the health body. In a glass of milk, there are, among others:

1. Potassium, which moves blood vessel wall to remain stable, preclude you from high blood diseases and heart.
2. Iron, maintaining the skin still shines.
3. Tyrosine, encourage hormone elation and make sleep more soundly.
4. Calcium strengthens bones.
5. Magnesium strengthens the heart and nervous system that is not easily tired.
6. Iodine, to improve the working of the brain.
7. Zinc, wounds heal quickly.
8. Vitamin B2, increase the sharpness of vision.

Litter box for cats

My sister lost her cat last year. It was hard for her because she loves her so very much. She did everything to take care of her. She provided her with a wonderful litter box. Her cat really liked it. It was so sad that the cat was hit by a vehicle and died. Just last month there was a stray cat that stayed in there house for how many days. No one was looking for the cat so they decided to adopt him.

How to stop cats from scratching furnitures?

Many cat owners have this problem: won’t stop scratching the furniture! Such behaviour must be stopped – using food.
There could be a million reasons for the cats’ behaviour, and to find out one would need a detailed case history. However, cats may have a problem with their food or the way they are fed. Sharpening nails by scratching furniture is preparing for the hunt, which cat can’t do on the top floor of a flat. It is good to try to set up a 24/7 permanent, self service, carvery of all their favourite food. Cats will probably stop sharpening up their weapons on the furniture. Their environment should be enriched by providing them with something to do all day with their very bright and intelligent brain. Make the cats walk, hide-aways, tunnels and mobile toys. And most of all make the cats tummies full so they can get to sleep if they wish. We should remember that we can’t sleep on an empty stomach either. These will help solve the problem.

Is chocolate lethal for dogs?

Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, found in the cocoa bean, and is the feel-good stuff which apparently dogs metabolize very slowly, and if consumed in large doses could have a serious effect on the animal’s heart, kidneys and central nervous system. So this myth does contain some elements of fact. But here’s the shock – chocolate actually carries the same risk to your dog as the ingestion of other common household items such as coffee, tea, cola, beverages and certain house plants!
The truth is, all poisoning is a matter of ‘dosage per weight.’ For example, little Tiddlely-pom-pom, a 3 Kilo Pomeranian would need to gobble up a whole slab of chocolate, all at once, to be seriously affected. Furthermore, scientific studies on the subject do not seem to exist either … take my word for it, millions of healthy dogs, with fat butts, all over the world, enjoy the odd chocolate with no serious ill effects.

Man’s best friend

As it has been said that dogs are “man’s best friend”. Dogs are the best companion we can have. Having a dog as a pet is one of the greatest experience. They are very good in guarding us and our house. In return we must love them. One of the ways to show it is to feed them and have dog supplies at hand that they deserve.

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