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My secondborn

My stress reliever, my babylove, my secondborn! How time flies so fast! It just I was giving birth to her yesterday but now she’s growing fast! She’s giving joy to us for 8months now! I so love you my precious Gia! Thank you for giving happiness to all of the people around you! May you grow up healthy and God fearing one!

In the bathroom

I was amazed yesterday when i heard my nephew singing while taking a bath with her mommy inside the bathroom. She uses the stainless steel flexible hose so she could use it as her ‘microphone. I am eating at that time when i heard the two years old baby girl singing along with her angelic voices. Seriously, she can sing well even though she can’t properly pronounce the words yet. It was funny morning.

The crying baby

It’s tough to listen when a baby is crying every now and then. I cannot believe the six months old greedy baby boy in my neighborhood. He cries so intensely if we don’t feed him every time. He still got breastfeed from his mom but he wants to eat like fried chicken, meat bones and something to have put in his mouth that’s how we stop him crying.

My nephew and niece

I have one nephew 18-months old and one niece one year and 10 months old. I love them so much! It is funny to see them playing and still using their baby jogger city versa even though they can walk and run already. They may pick up a new word almost everyday. But they have picked up a habbit of bite’n each other when one is taking the toy from one of them that it is part of their growing.

Personalized baby blanket

The beautiful unique personalized baby blankets at caught my attention when I opened the website. It’s like perfect for my daughter’s need of comfort. We will do everything for our daughter, all our effort and sacrifices is all for you our lovely daughter. We hope and pray that you would grow kind, respectful lady. Please know that we want the best for you and your future.

My nephew’s 1st birthday

My nephew will be celebrating his 1st birthday in the first of December. We are all so excited for him. He is the second grandchildren of the family, the one that carries our family name. A little bit sad because my four sisters are not here and they cannot attend the celebration. But they will be sending their support through prayers and financial support. I will be helping my brother in the preparation for sure. I will sponsor for the baptism invitations from that will be distributed a week before the date. At least I can help him in little way.

baby shower invitations

My older brother is soon to become a father; many responsibilities also await him. We expected that his wife will deliver their first baby in the first week of December. Everybody is so excited for their baby’s arrival. That would be the second grand in the family. We are now planning and preparing for the great baby shower party and start making baby shower invitations ahead of time.

Remembering the day

I can still remember the pain I experienced during my labor and delivery one month and half ago. I can’t describe the pain it’s like killing me softly. God is really good for putting interval to it. There is always a reward, after all the pain I suffered still no one can compare the feeling when I saw my cute 8.3lbs baby girl for the first time. I waited for 9months and it’s really worth waiting. I thanked and praised God for everything He has done and still be doing in my life.

Importance of Immunization

Every child needs complete immunization to fight or prevent such diseases and decrease susceptibility to infection. Every mother must be responsible in sending their babies for immunization. Being in the health profession, I must ensure that my baby will get complete immunization, just yesterday we went to the local health center to avail free immunization, my baby who is 49days old now done with her first dose DPT, second dose HEPA B and Polio, I gave her paracetamol prior to vaccination and then every four hours to minimize fever that DPT brings. I did cold compress to the injection site to promote cooling and comfort.

Baby showers

I am very excited to see our first niece. I am sad thought because I will not be around when she will be out this August. I will in Africa by then. But I am already thinking about preparing for the baby showers. I might make a rough draft for baby shower invitations. I need to make sure that it will look great and elegant to basically depict the joy, and importance of the baby for everyone.

Full day

I woke up early than usual because I need to cook breakfast for my cousin and my aunt. My cousin gave birth few hours ago. We had breakfast together and then prepared the things to go home which is one and a half hour bus drive.We rode on the bus which was very slow. It took us more than two hours to reach to our place.  We ate before we ride a tricycle going to our house.We had our scheduled youth prayer meeting two hours after I arrived home. I slept while waiting for the young people. But only 3 and were late. I just postponed the prayer meeting because I have another appointment. If I do not have the appointment, I plan to have the meeting even there were only 3 of them came. I found out that they thought I was not coming.

Fetal demise

I am so sad the other day. A pregnant patient handed me her ultrasound result. She had a prenatal check up earlier that day and was advised to have an ultrasound because when the midwife who checked her did not hear the heart beat of the baby. It is sad to know that her baby is already died inside the womb or it is called fetal demise. She was crying. It broke my heart. She is just only 19 weeks pregnant. There are so many factors to consider why it happens.

Holding a newborn

.The joy of holding a newborn baby is the best feeling in the world. Babies bring so much joy in us. Everything we hold them we feel a huge feeling of being loved. When you need to be relaxed and comforted, hold a baby.

Breasfeeding twins

. One of the twins that we delivered. It was a surprise twins. We did not have any ideas that this patient carried twins since her tummy is not that big. We were just wandering when the first baby came out very small. When we checked, there was another baby inside her uterus. Thanks God they both came out normally though we did resuscitation on both of them. They responded well after few minutes of CPR. To God be the glory. The twins are so cute. One weighed 1.8 kls and the other is 1.9 kls. After awhile breastfeeding were established.

Malaria in Pregnancy info

Most African countries now have drug-resistant strains of malaria. In South Africa, these drug resistant strains are found in parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Do not take children under the age of 5 into malaria-areas. Pregnant women are also at increased risk of contracting malaria, because they have a higher body temperature and produce more carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.

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