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Diet the right way​

Cant’ resist temptation? Worried because you are dining out tonight? Try these diet tips to help you stay on track. Keep tabs on your weight. Nearly half of those who successfully shed pounds said they weighed themselves regularly. Regular trips to the scale helped to keep tabs on any weight fluctuations and indicate the need to correct them. Weigh daily if it helps keep you on track. Skin your chicken. My sister told us that the chicken’s skin is where the most fat is. Removing skin from chicken can cut fat content by 75% and cut calories nearly in half. Calcium – a little at a time. If you take calcium supplements, don’t take more than 500mg at a time. The body absorbs larger amounts less efficiently. also take it with a meal for better absorption. Five a day – not as much as it sounds. If the idea of fitting five servings of vegetables and fruits in your diet seems impossible, remember that official serving sizes are small. A large apple, a cup of broccoli or lentils, or medium-sized salad each counts as two servings.

My secondborn

My stress reliever, my babylove, my secondborn! How time flies so fast! It just I was giving birth to her yesterday but now she’s growing fast! She’s giving joy to us for 8months now! I so love you my precious Gia! Thank you for giving happiness to all of the people around you! May you grow up healthy and God fearing one!

Formal vests

I was so excited when ate laida told me that ling2 wedding is very near and I was invited as participants. So I asked ate laida to make a formal dress for me and she told me that she will make Americana seat for me. For the first time i think I can wear this kind of dress and I was so excited about it because it is a formal vests for men.


Beautification is the process of making visual improvements to a person and projects bring neighbors together, building pride, cohesion and connection. Every morning, it is our customary to plant anything. I don’t know why I am energetic diligent person i don’t feel tired all I want is to keep myself busy by cleaning, planting and beatification around the house.

Eye contact

I am very self-conscious while wearing my eye glasses as I always do. If I do not wearing glasses makes my eyes more blurry. I am thinking about getting and trying contact lenses. I think I look better and more like myself without glasses. I will ask an ophthalmologist for further advice.


Ouch, ingrown toenails hurt. I had an ingrown toenail..I need to cut it out as soon as possible because it is painful and it hurts. I don’t feel comfortable wearing my shoes. Due to very busy days so I wasn’t able to go the parlor for pedicure. I can’t take this anymore I must cut this after working.

My crowning glory

My hair needs to be treated gently. But I was very busy and had no time to go to a hair salon due to my busy schedule. I had no time to go anywhere else and my hair gets dry, wavy and thick. No! I just can’t handle it anymore. I must go to the salon now and I must also make it a point to massage my hair with warm olive oil.

Yellow lovely flower

I love flowers. In fact I am collecting different kind of flowers from other places. I’m so blessed to see my flower this morning. Just simply flowers but their beauty and smile made me so happy. I attached one of my favorite flower and you might recognize this beauty. This is so fresh, lovely and big one like a plate on your table..

Beauty of Nature

I want to be a professional photographer too. I like taking pictures everywhere I go. I love the continuous shooting mode on my new camera. This photo was taken when I was in Singapore for having vacation. I like this so much.  As we see this image we can feel the freshness and see the beauty of nature.


Every one wish for long eyelashes for it gives beauty in the eyes and it also serve as protector from dust and other particles. But there are someone born with a short and straight lashes but don’t worry for there are eyelash growth products that you can use to help you with this concern. No need to wear artificial lashes anymore. How blessed I am for having a natural long but straight lashes.

Natural beauty

Just a months ago selling of stainless steel bracelets became rampant because of its cheaper price compare to other kinds. Mom and dad bought two bracelets too. It has been said also that it has a positive effects on the body. I don’t know if it is true but nothing harm if you try. It is nice to wear fashion accessories which enhances once beauty and confident. Still beauty comes from within and not from what we see.

Acne remedies

My teenage brother is so worried with his pimples. He really feels bad about it. What’s worry him more is that he’s afraid it might get severe and may result to acne that is why he always asked us what would be a good acne remedies in case it will get worst. During this stage, young people must feel good about themselves for it will affects their self confidence and even life in the future. I want to help my brother to get rid of this so called pimple before it will get infected and may result to a bigger face problem.

remove dark circles

It feels great to be a mother but need lots of adjustments just like sleeping patterns, before I can sleep 8hours straight but now I can’t because my baby has many waking moments and need to feed her from time to time. As time goes by I used to it, but I can’t rid of the dark circle in my eyes, now I really want to remove dark circles and be free from stress to avoid this one to develop.

Severe acne

I remember my old friend way back in high school days, he has acne, not usual acne but a severe acne. it puts him down and having a very low self confidence, because of it he got a hard time of having a job, looking for a friend and even a girlfriend. As I heard about him now, he’s still single and 40 year old already.

hgh spray

Wrinkle will appear to us when we grow old this is due to lose of skin elasticity or loosening of the skin. That is why we need an anti wrinkle cream to minimize this problem. When you buy any anti wrinkle cream make sure that it is effective and less side effects. hgh spray is here, try it and in just a couple of weeks you will notice the result. Be wise in choosing which one.

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