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She’s getting older

Truly she’s getting older; few days ago my little girl was part of my cousin wedding. She was a flower girl and she was so cute and beautiful with her gown. We just chatted with my hubby and have some fun of imagining our future soon. Might be soon she will ask us to get marry, it was just fun but you know time runs fast. Hopefully she will have a good future.

We are just stewards

God supplies all our needs. A few days I received blessing from God and it was great, more than I expected. The reflections I got from this are that, we are just His stewards, if we can be trusted for small things, surely God also may trust us in big things. What is important today is the reflection to ponder and asks ourselves if we are able and ready to manage Gods wealth in our life. We can’t deny the fact that all of us want to have a better future.

Think about such things

The more powerful full we are the more responsibilities we have. These are the words that stroke me out from the movie spider man. In our life today as Christians, these statements can be connected also to our personal life. The more knowledgeable we are from Gods word, the more spiritually prepared we are, the more closer we are to God, the more responsibilities we have. If we knew more, then we have to teach and impart our knowledge, and if we are spiritually matured, then we need to lead the flock of Jesus Christ, and if how closer we are to God the more trials and temptations are coming.

Seek God first

Matthew in His writings emphasized the need of seeking Gods kingdom first and all the things we needed most will just follow. Yes it is true, where I am today is Gods amazing and wonderful plan for my life. This is Gods ministry where my life is happy and fulfilled ministering the first generation of Christian families under Galilee Church. Gods knows what is best for me and I understood why He allow all things happens to reveal His purpose in me.

My self

Who is our best enemy? Gods word tells that it is not our neighbors or those who hated us but most of all are these three areas; One is Satan, he keep on tempting us because he wanted to have a companion in hell, he also wanted to destroy the testimony of Christian life so people around them will believe, but the most of all is our self, this is our greatest enemy. Paul says my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Therefore we have to be aware on it. Keep Jesus in our heart.

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