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Start a new day

2014 is approaching…it would be a great challenge for all of us start a new beginning and a new day. Despite of calamities we had encountered this year we have to move on and fight. Especially those who were victims of Typhoon and Earthquakes. Always remember that there is God you are not alone in this world, and still we are here (people) to help you. We hand in hand and heart to heart together.

Super Typhoon

As the world knows when super typhoon Yolanda landed in the Philippines and kills thousands of people. My heart is full of sadness and pain when I heard the news. I couldn’t hardly believe it. Question has in my heart and mind that “why did God allow this”. In just one moment the whole city was destroyed. Let us all pray and help them recover and to start a new beginning…

Falling leaves

It’s very hot this week in many areas across the country. Sad to see my flowers are affected. The leaves are turning yellow and falling off….all the leaves fell off. I feel regret and frustrated. Stalemate of the environment due to the climate change.

Steam Bath

We went to the mountain hot spring this morning. And experienced the steam bath. Wow! It feels so good. It was an experience we’ve heard about this place for years from plenty of people. It increases circulation and provides a generally relaxing and healthy experience. We Have some great pictures from our trip to the hot springs.


Beautification is the process of making visual improvements to a person and projects bring neighbors together, building pride, cohesion and connection. Every morning, it is our customary to plant anything. I don’t know why I am energetic diligent person i don’t feel tired all I want is to keep myself busy by cleaning, planting and beatification around the house.

My neigbhorhood

Last Saturday, we all gathered in the village and decided to jointly carry out a cleaning operation particularly in our drainage canals and waterways trash pickup and grass cutting. As our preparation of the rainy season to avoid floods that may help reduce loss of property as well as loss of life. We can’t prevent flash floods but we can minimize by starting cleaning up.

Good morning sunshine!

I thank God for another day of my life. When I wake up this morning I saw the golden sunlight shining and filtered through smoky clouds. He made things perfect and all things have purpose. God has entrusted certain things to us. So we should take good care of these things in return. Have coffee and toasted bread for breakfast. Have a nice day!

Good morning sunshine

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday! I just woke up from my bed and when I opened the window I saw sunlight. What a sunny day! It is very hot outside. I’m thinking what will I do today. My sisters talked about a very cold and refreshing place they wanted to go. So I think that’s a good idea for us today beyond the sunny silly skies.

Rain rain go away

Last night hundreds of people were sent to the evacuation center due to the continuing rain here in our place. Three days rain caused river flows that may result to flood. I saw people packed up their things to escape the water that gradually became bigger. What a bad weather we suffer.

Island explore

I just had the most relaxing three-day island vacation. I’m so stressed and tired due to my busy days from work. So I spent the time together with my hubby and friends. The weather is good and the sea is clear. Things I did was stretching myself, relaxing, swimming under the sun and had body massage. I feel more comfortable. Maybe someday we will escape to the island and have fun. 🙂

Morning Weather

I just woke up. And oh! What a beautiful morning! As I opened the window I feel the breeze, I can feel it in the air and the sunshine pushing through my skin. I thank God for the good weather in my place today. It feels like I want to hear Christian songs so I turned on the radio and listening inspiring songs while enjoying the good weather this morning.

Beauty of Nature

I want to be a professional photographer too. I like taking pictures everywhere I go. I love the continuous shooting mode on my new camera. This photo was taken when I was in Singapore for having vacation. I like this so much.  As we see this image we can feel the freshness and see the beauty of nature.

Morning dew

Everyone wants to have a good looking home. One of my favorite place in my house is the terrace area. To make our terrace more interesting, relaxing and we make us more comfortable. We got an idea from the for outdoor bistro sets. In every morning, I take my coffee with sugar and cream in the terrace sitting at the bistro and exhaled the dew and the freshness of the morning.

Weather, weather

This day it’s not a great day for me. Because the weather is not good that makes me feel blue and feel bored and nothing can do but waited until the rain stopped.. There is heavy rain. All I wanna do is lying on my bed. In rainy season, I like to lay in bed even when I’m not sleeping. I just imagine living on a earth where rain falls continuously.

weather weather

It’s a rainy days and I never mind it. I am not affected with the bad weather I encountered this month. Unlike others, they prefer to stay inside their houses because of the rain. I have business and projects to do and if I wait until the rain stops my time would be wasted. So I need to go out and suffer the cold and get wet to be able to finish what I had started.

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