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Midnight snack

I may not have eaten enough earlier in the day. But before going to bed I usually have some cheese, yogurt and fruit for my late night snack.I heard that midnight snack is not advisable. Now I wanna stop the Midnight snack Habit and eat the proper diet.

Fish tuna

I prepared tuna cooked with vinegar and other spices with soft drinks and ready to serve for lunch.. It’s not really cooking since there is no heat involved. I am not a good in cooking but at least i tried and proud I did it. I love fish rather than meat. I don’t eat meat eventually but fish and fruits are my favorite foods.

A pair of bread

A pair of banana bread and a cup of coffee are my perfect food for breakfast. I think this bread will replace my need for that perfect muffin. Yes, I love to pair this bread with coffee and I would make it an awesome breakfast in bed. It is obviously, I’m on diet. I eat rice but not every morning. Usually, I eat rice by lunch and in dinner time.

Best food I ate last night

I had a dinner with my workmates last night to finish our unfinished meeting. Held at the grill restaurant just near by our office. It was a best food for me that I will convince my hubby to have dinner too. The place was made of woods and natives but it’s beautiful and affordable. And the exciting thing was we didn’t use any spoon of fork we used our hands to eat. We’ll it’s okay and a nice experience.

Coffee lover

Good morning, It’s time to start a new day of our lives. As usual, when I wake up each morning I make my coffee and check my emails. It’s my daily routine to fix things inside and outside the house before I leave and go to work. But today, is my day off so I spend my time to my laundry…a basket of laundry to be finished this morning. Good thing I have washing machine…So better to start now….


Our town celebrates a yearly festival to denote a communal religious feast to honor a patron saint. As popularly known here in my country..a celebration is not a celebration at all if there is no roasted pig in the yummy! Of course, there are activities such as basketball league that is so exciting, volleyball for women and others games for children. Happy Festival!

Hanging out

I had fun hanging out with my friends from another city last night. We were drinking red wine but we’re not drinking too much …We had so much fun to talked to each other, laughing together. Not knowing the time has passed. It is already 3 o’clock in the morning when my friends send me back home.

Long life

Cooking is one of my hobby. I cooked salad, sweet spaghetti and cookies if we have occasion. They say noodles stand for long life. So today I want to bake a spaghetti for my brother’s birthday. I am very careful during cooking. It is therefore important to follow the instruction to avoid over cooked. It is better to use timer.

Dining tables

Though it’s very expensive to live in but still we didn’t regret for the money we spent in Singapore. Indeed a very nice country, the city is so clean and order. We really enjoyed our stay there with my whole family. They have a very nice building and establishments. The foods are great. We just love to dine in their rustic dining tables with the sweet and delicious food to satisfy our stomach.

It pays to check the label

As we celebrated Christmas season I prepared some delicious foods. I made desserts and I make it sure it is creamy and yummy. I put every ingredients to make it perfect. I mixed it well then add some sauce. I opened one pack of tomato sauce from the cabinet. I was supposed to mix it with the other ingredients but suddenly one thing that popped up into my mind was to check the label first and saw it was already expired. It really pays to check the label.

Chow down a lunch

To beat mid-afternoon drowsiness, make lunch your main meal, and eat it away from your desk. Choose foods with variety of bold flavours (like salty, savory miso soup with tangy teriyaki or a spicy bean burrito with salsa). Emphasize vegetables, beans, nuts, chicken, or fish, and go light on simple carbohydrates like white bread or white rice. End with a healthy sweet (like a small piece of dark chocolate or candied ginger). Follow this advise work-man promises that you’ll be more productive after lunch.

WW: Watermelon contest

It was one of the group contests we had in our church. We grouped ourselves into 5 groups. The dynamic of the game, the group who consumed the watermelon first will be the winner. It was really fun. Look at the watermelon aftermath… =)

Benefits of Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is also called white blood for the body because it contains many vitamins and various amino acids is good for the health body. In a glass of milk, there are, among others:

1. Potassium, which moves blood vessel wall to remain stable, preclude you from high blood diseases and heart.
2. Iron, maintaining the skin still shines.
3. Tyrosine, encourage hormone elation and make sleep more soundly.
4. Calcium strengthens bones.
5. Magnesium strengthens the heart and nervous system that is not easily tired.
6. Iodine, to improve the working of the brain.
7. Zinc, wounds heal quickly.
8. Vitamin B2, increase the sharpness of vision.

Sweet potato pie recipe

I love to eat. It would be fair if I know how to cook isn’t it? I love cooking. I have been collecting recipes from main menu meal, snacks, cakes and pastries from Find My Recipeis. One of the favourites is the sweet potato pie. I really love the taste of it. I was thinking of making it as my Christmas give-aways for my friends.

Win a trip for 4 to Atlanta Georgia with

Did you know who invented the Coca-Cola? It was John Pemberton who invented the drink one hundred twenty –two years ago but still we are enjoying it until today. In commemoration of him, is having a contest. There is a wonderful news for those who are Canadian residents you can Win a trip to Atlanta Georgia. For the minor prizes you can win Best Buy and Cineplex Odeon gift certificates. It is so easy to join you just need to have 500 Coke coins to join. Join the great celebration and you will have chances of winning of marvellous prizes. Have fun and be the lucky winner.

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