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Just passable

I took my motorcycle into the car wash yesterday morning. I didn’t notice my phone fell out from my pocket. When I got home I was supposed to send a mail to a friend of mine but I didn’t find my phone. I went back to the car wash but they said none of them has found it. It’s lost. Just passable i written down all contact numbers in my notebook.


Speaking of lighters I remember my dad during our last year’s short vacation in Singapore buying a lot of unique xikar lighters as his present for his dearest neighbors friends. I think three boxes of lighters with different styles and colors. My mom and dad is a giver that we inherit from them. They always reminded us that it’s better to share what we have.

Valuable items

I have a lot of valuable items on me such as shoulder bags, belt, leather wallets and dresses that I would like to give some of these to my relatives. I hope they will take care and treasure this. I want to share my blessings, I am happy to give and see them happy for it is better to give than receive and God love a cheerful giver.

Music is the language of my soul

It’s been a long while since I’ve studied my music lesson, and I regret not maintaining my piano class. I had my favorite pieces for the piano and I can somehow play softly on it. But because of my busy days, I just can’t afford to do that anymore unless I have to practice first and somebody can help me fix my electrical piano and recommend me a cheap appliance parts particularly batteries and adapter. Because for me music is the language of my soul.

Morning dew

Everyone wants to have a good looking home. One of my favorite place in my house is the terrace area. To make our terrace more interesting, relaxing and we make us more comfortable. We got an idea from the for outdoor bistro sets. In every morning, I take my coffee with sugar and cream in the terrace sitting at the bistro and exhaled the dew and the freshness of the morning.

Not just my priority

I am not particular with the latest gadgets that most people wish to have; there are a lot of things to be prioritized rather than that especially now that I am married and have one daughter. I am not thinking of buying those expensive products this time due to limited resources though it’s sounds good like htc sense but to my baby’s need. Someday I may have a chance to own such things but for sure not this time.

Safety box

I am confused when I sat beside my friend at the karaoke bar. My eyes are always looking her using a small box. It is nice and simple but elegant. She told me it was a cigarette box just like humidors. This is a safety box where she can store her cigarettes to avoid exposure and to protect from direct sunlight. I like it so cute and handy.

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