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Looking forward

We really care for what is best. I’m part of the music team in the church and we usually had our practice twice a week, I’m a guitarist and my sister played for piano, my daughter is now in her training for violin. As a musician we cared so much for our music stuff, we made sure for the quality and we use to update every now and then. Aside from it we care for the price, we knew a lot there are stupid deal of the day musicians friend where we can buy cheap guitars but the qualities are good. We’re looking forward for these.

It’s going to be a big party

December is coming and I knew parties will be left and right, last week I bought my video karaoke set. I knew visitors will come to my house especially my relatives and friends, I’m sure it’s going to be a big party. My neighbor asks me yesterday If where I bought my stuff, I just say just secure shop at, I knew she will.

Our vacation

For almost a week, we spent our vacation to my dad’s province, and it took us sixteen ours of travel. While there we hanged and spent enough time for bonding but while we enjoy singing the guitar I played was broken because one of my cousins was in hurry running while playing with each other. I ask my sister to find me a guitar center so I can buy and replace a new one.

For Gods glory

If we are serious in music we have to make sure that the gadgets and the PRS Guitars or other musical instruments we are using are in the highest standard. These were my statement when we have a meeting in the church for our development strategy. As an assigned worker for the music ministry department, I have to make it sure that all are best because these are not for ourselves, these are for Gods glory and honor.

The best music we long for

True musician looks for what is best in the future. We just started to create a new and professional group of musicians. This is for the benefit of our church music ministry. The tool of using music in expanding Gods kingdom to people who don’t know Christ and actually no relationship with Him was so effective for many years ago. This is what we long for and one of the tips gave to us was to collect all the best musical instruments as possible for it create fantastic and amazing music sound than ordinary instruments.

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