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Early in the morning I woke up and stood outside as if nothing happens when suddenly I saw a zombie coming, they are many running toward me, my heart trembles and do not know what to do, so I just keep on running and running but zombies are scattered anywhere, so I shouted and asking for help, but no one is there, I was crying while zombies come after me and ready to cut and suck my neck, I was hopeless and dying, I felt the pain while suddenly I woke up. Oh no it was just a dream. Thank you Lord it was just a dream.

We’re preparing

While updating my sites my students are now so busy preparing for their music drama that will be presented at the city freedom park for our evangelistic crusade. Most of us are so excited because we are not only sharing our talents to people but also developing it to become more fruitful and successful in the near futures career in the service to our most high God. It is not easy, many things we need to sacrifice, our time, strength and even our own money to invest for Gods glory and honor. By faith we knew positively that God will bless the passions of our hearts in the near time.

They are blinded

Apostle Paul says, the god of this world had blinded the minds of the unbeliever. The word god of this world referred to the devil because the letter g of the word god is in small letter. The devils tactic and strategies are now in the surrounding so people won’t believe the real God. Satan do not want that people will know that Jesus died at the cross for you and for the believers, Satan wants to destroy our testimonies so that people around us will not listen when we testify the name of God.

Nothing personal

The most strategic ways of developing our relationship is through exercising the true meaning of respect. These may apply not just as husband and a wife, nor just a brother or a sister in the family but even to the people around us. My life is different from yours, and your life too is different from mine, maybe few things we agreed on something but surely we differ in so many things. One of the reason is that, might be something you like much but in me it has no worth, or might be I like something but you won’t. Real respect will be shown. Personally I do not like to intervene others life especially if it is personal, I don’t want to bother them because me too the same. Hope all of us may understand what it means and nothing is personal, just respect one another especially in decisions and plans we do.

Human desire

We as human desired for what is best for our future and this is our innate nature, we wanted to have a luxurious life, we wanted to enjoy and fulfill all the desires of our life. Yes it is true that we desire the best things as we can, but you know what Gods plan and desire for you and me are far better than ours. If we put ourselves in Him and trust Him He is there for us.

I was challenged

New day, I woke up early in the morning and begin my day in prayer. Last night I was challenge with a man about his personal experienced, fifteen years ago while living his life in his native land in Korea, he said he thought he was a very successful in life because he live a life that has full of luxuries, his house approximately valued for more or less five hundred thousand dollars, his monthly income may reach up to twenty thousand dollars, that was how rich he was. But he said all are nothing without God.

The difference

You know if what are the difference between family and friends? for me it simply says, friends are just remain as friends and many you thought you have but they are not real, but family will always be a family, for no matter what we are always be a family.


I was almost disgusted and my temper was high because my hubby were I asked to order for pizza came back late, he spent for almost an hour just for that piece. I don’t know if what had happened but our time for strolling was shortened. Many places should be discovered but we haven’t gone there. Hopefully we can prepare and use more time for family bonding.

Can’t imagine

I couldn’t imagine of what had happened to us the other day. My hubby, my daughter and I got an accident while on our way to my work place…I was almost half and was able to woke only at the hospital, my daughter got a lot of wounds but my hubby amazingly got none. I consider my life as a second life given to me by God and I was able to value how precious the gift of life God has entrusted to us. I just wanna say thank you Lord for all the things you have done to us.


While discussing our activity plans for our final and actual application in our learning from homiletic subject, excitements and curiosity rises. We talked about the programs and even the goals of budget and I was happy feeling of fulfillment with their reactions because they show us the positive atmosphere and even willingness to be part of this great ministry. We knew this is not for ourselves but this is for Gods glory. Hope and pray that Gods sustaining grace are always there.

Time is so important

Opportunities may come in our sometimes, that is why every single of an hour we have to invest it for our future for our moment will not come back again. It will just pass once never come back. I noticed most of my Korean friend who spend much time for their career in the future and their future needs. Not to judge for biases but their life is much happier and stable than us.

Be careful in everything

No doubt, my little girl copied all from my mother’s influence. The attitude, the actions and many many more. Some of my friends and relatives called her “gaga gamay”, meaning she really look like her mother. Influence has a vital role in our life for it is the pattern for children and their basis of actions. What the children saw from adults are always correct in their sights. So as adults we have to be careful in everything.

Day off

Woke up at 5am to clean our vegeyard with hubby, we enjoyed doing this stuff together and we did it, I just got a small slice on my hands due to pulling deep rooted grasses but was paid off.. Our sweet little girl helped us in preparing our breakfast and this is what she did, when we enter the kitchen she said, mommy, daddy surprise, nag digamu nako saatong pamahaw..haha! She prepared 3plates with spoon and fork and glasses with water, she labeled which is mine and which is for his dad and of course the small plate and glass belongs to her..sweet of you nak, good job and we really appreciated what you did for us today:)

National Costumes

My whole family was at the school  of my daughter supporting the occasion of celebrating the United Nations day. All students was required of wearing different national costumes from different countries where they are assigned to represent. My daughter represented China and she wore her costume very well. She look like Chinese too. One of the amazing part of the celebration was the choir presentation. They sung a song that has a message of transformation that start with the children itself, the hope of tomorrow.

I suffer loss

You if I have a chance to go back again from my previous life and still under the control of my parents, I’d rather chose to follow and obey them completely than following my own decisions and mind. If I’m going to rate my self from one to ten in relation to what I’ve done then I’m not hesitant to say I’m in number one. I pity my self and I suffer loss with the discipline done with my parents. And this is my fear for my daughter. Hopefully God will help me in shaping and molding my daughters life for her future.

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