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Disclaimer; This is a spnsored post, All opinions are 100% mine.

The days are counted because Christmas is coming. A few days ago me and my little girl went to the mall for shopping and we spent around a couple of hours just to be able to buy her single dress to be used for their Christmas party. Imagine, a single dress can spend a couple of hours in the mall? That time I was disgusted and felt tired, I knew this is only seasonal, but I think we can still make another ways to find someway in spending our time correctly. Meaning, we must realized that our time is gold we we must use it wisely. The time spent today can never happen again, for tomorrow is another day. For those shoppers I have two simple tips to share.

1. Plan for shopping ahead of time. This is to make sure that you can rightly buy your stuff that you really need.

2. Avoid going to the place were people are crowded, for sure you well be delayed.

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We used to have exchanging of gifts between family members and church member as well during Christmas eve, groupon is really helping me by giving me great ideas what gifts to buy plus I can avail of their big promos and discounts. Hubby just chose his favorite Skechers and I’ll buy it for him.

I seldom buy gift for myself but I just feel to buy one this holiday season! I am sure I really need it in my daily encounter with these so called life. It is hard to accept but I embraced it wholeheartedly! being nearsighted is always hard but I am thankful to for help me answer the problem with my vision! I used to wear contact lenses and it making my vision so clear. Thanks to Groupon site for the big discounts.

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

As a mom to these two cute little girls is beyond compare! I really feel complete having them and I’m sure I do have the same feeling of all the mothers out there. A feeling designed by God, a love that knows no limit and eventually to everything for the sake of the children. Seeing my children growing each day is priceless. I was there every milestone of their lives from the time I gave birth to them until now. I am lucky enough to have a work and don’t need for me to go abroad to earn for a living, just like other mother did, but I salute all overseas workers who sacrifices a lot just to have a better source for a living. They gave up even their own family and take the risk it would bring. That is why I always give my respect to them!

Now, my eldest is 6 years old already and I am thankful because she already helps me in any ways she can. Not minding those times she would tease her little sister until she will cry a lot. Well, that’s normal for sisters with a gap of 6years. She is very sweet though after all.

Oh my! She started to ask us about what we are going to give her on Christmas, my God she used to have a present and surprise during Christmas Eve, like before we surprised her with a set of table and chair with a frozen theme! Well, we already anticipated that and I am thankful for Groupon Goods which sells different kinds of products from clothing gadgets, home and decor, toys, appliances and so much more! They are on great sale! Wew! I will surely order one for my daughters! I am still choosing which one! Have you tried groupon yet? Try and have your best buy for your love ones this Christmas season! 40days left before Christmas and I want to great you all advance Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to all of us ahaed!

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time flies so fast

Time really flies so fast. If I will take a look to my young age cousins today they are all grown up and became a big men, I was there during their childhood years and remembered how small they were. I am happy that majority of them are music minded, and I remember Darwin who are very good in playing king intermediate and was one of the good player in his high school years. Now, they became mature enough and some of them already entered into marraige. Well, nothing will remain as is,  yes Its true , we cannot predict out future only God knows everything. The best thing to do is to submit everything to Him.

Welcome back

It’s a big welcome back to our parents whose been away from us  for more than a year! We thanked the Lord for His travelling mercy. It was a very long travel but they made it to the Philippines very safe and sound. Thank you Lord for the protection and guidance throughout their journey! Now they are resting from a jetlag ang maybe later we could chitchat about their experiences in the US and experiences on their travel from US to moscow to SG and lastly to the Philippines.

Remembering the time

I remember during my high school days, I was too afraid I might not get pass my subjects. I just smiled when I recall the days I cant believe I got a hard time during my high school days. The curriculum of high school now is different during my time. Though the system of education now is changing but the goal of it is to give maximum knowledge to all students. I remember before I tried to enter into music club and engaged in playing clarinet ligature but I stopped instead I became one of the majorettes and joined every time we will have a school activities.

He asked me about guitar

Musical instruments and parts are at war in the market. Different brands developed strategies just to capture the interests and the needs of the musicians. If you will try to compare the music stuff before and today, the differences are seen. Just think of a simple mixer or just an amplifier, today’s generation are on top because they are using in a very high technical standards. One day a friend of mine ask me where did I bought my acoustic guitar and I said, I just visited and so I buy.

Come in prayer

The god of this world blinded the mind of the unbeliever so they may not believe God. Sad to say that most of the people right now in our society haven’t seen the value of knowing and making God as part of our lives. On the first place God the father sent His Son the Lord Jesus Christ on earth to bestowed His great love for us. Jesus died at the cross for you and me. That if believe on Him and accept Him as our personal Savior and Lord we will be saved. Why not as you read this article, you may come in prayer and say like this. Dear Lord we thank you for your great love by sending your Son died at the cross for me, I will now believe and accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord, from now on I will allow you oh God to guide and show me the right path. In Jesus name…Amen.

Election was over

Election was over and I would like to congratulate all the winning candidates both national and local most especially Mayor Rody Duterte for making it to the highest position in the country, the President! People are hungry for change! A leader who can make a big difference from previous presidents that we had. If he made huhe change in Davao he can also make a difference in the country.

Everybody was so busy for the election day and the campaign period since my sister and aunt is an active cousilor in our Barangay and they are also campaigning! Well, thanks God for a peaceful election! We cant hear anymore jingles on the street as a way of campaigning, its their way to be remembered by using the well known songs of the present time. That loud sounds produced by best overdrive pedal we can hear it no more!

Once again congratulations to all the winners we just hope you guys will fulfill your flatforms that you promised during campaign period.

On going construction

Everyday I am always excited to come home to see the development of our house on going construction. Today they finished furnished and concrete flooring of our daughter’s room and the kitchen too but they will still continue working on it the next day to fully furnished. Even though I am tired already with my situation right now seeing our house will make me live again and keep on striving. My next project will be for the interior and will sure get an idea from here and I cant wait I just need to to find ways to provide finances for these projects.

My delivery date

Next month April will be my expected date of delivery and I am so much excited to see my second baby! I’ts a girl again, will gonna have 2 princesses in our family. For the mean time I am still working until my labor day though I’m so tired already since my belly are getting heavier each day I also have some complaints of discomforts and pains but I know I can make it until my big day. I am now started to comply my maternity clearance for my 2 months maternity leave, I want it to be completed before I’ll take the leave so I will free from worry then. It is a clearance for money and properties of the hospital.

In my first pregnancy I dont feel much discomforts but now I can say its different maybe because I dont work before and just staying in the house for 9months or maybe because of my age now..I am already 30 and I was still 24 when I gave birth with my first baby. Oh well, whatever it is I know God is always there for me. I am praying for a safe, wonderful and healthy delivery for me and my baby! Help me God.

karaoke time

We are the family who enjoy karaoke together specially when all the siblings is complete! This is one way of kicking our boredome and of course to have bonding with each other. Glad our father provided us a complete karaoke equipment for us to enjoy our free time. We also invites some of our relatives and cousins in the house to have some break from all of the stress. We used to it and it is already part of our daily routine! We are a family with same interest. We make sure to cherish every moment of our lives ‘coz we dont know what will happen the next day the most important is we can share laughters and create memories with each other. That is the essence of  having a family.

Feel so sick

I really feel so sick today! I got a very painful tonsils due to inflamations. I can hardly swallow even my saliva! And the worst thing is that this wont allow me to sleep during night. I so hate this! God please heal me! It so difficult in my situation, a 31wks pregnant to have this plus a very annoying flu virus that keeps my nose to secrate watery discharges that added to my headache! I hope I can surpass this challenge, its so hard if your body wont coopearting anymore! I still have so many plans but when I am sick like this it seems my world is turning vey down! God please heal me and restore my health especially my baby inside my womb. Keep us healthy both always. Thank you for always being there for us. I love you Lord.

I’m proud he’s my brother

My little brother when he was still small, he already shows interest in some music instruments and gadgets in his young age! Until when he’s getting old, he pursued his hobby to know every little details on how it works! A very computer savy brother! He had a lot of experiments until he discover many things! Now he is not only very good in playing musical instruments but everything about computers and applications! He is very good in everything and we thank God for the talents that he gave to him! No doubt he know about moog midi controller and other accesories to make the sounds great. He already had a lot of amplifiers and other gadgets at home!

She had so much fun, riding a Carabao!

I can say that I had the most enjoyable childhood experience, living in our little barrio in the countryside! The living was so simple yet fulfilling and full of fun! If I could back time I would preper to have that experience than living in the city which full of traffic,pollution and we are now on technology days!

Children of today are playing with a gadgets, computers which I dont experience in my childhood! As much a possible I want my daughter to experience how it is to live in the countryside or how life goes on. I let her tried to ride a carabao and I think its a wonderful experience for her. She enjoyed very much and I am happy to see her ride a carabao in her childhood years which other kids here in the city didnt experience. Kids love outdoor activities, another great one is to get theme some inline skates. Check out skates HQ to see some choices. It is alwAys good to let our kids play and interct with other children, it helps them become mature as they grow older. As long as we guide them in all aspect of their lives, surely our kids will have a very memorable and enjoyable childhood years.

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