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Fruitful day

I just love to be home after work, hubby prepared already our food and viand before leaving for prayer meeting, he cooked us with a very tasteful food, I ate a lot and our daughter ate a lot too which only seldom to happen. She consumed a whole plate of rice with soup on it. After we ate, she became so sleepy so we went to our room, and hug her until she fall into sleep. Now I have time to write this post, my daughter in now deeply asleep and I just wait hubby to come, maybe after 1 hour. Thank you Lord for a very fruitful day!

Hubby left tonight because he has a prayer meeting to lead in the church, it’s our first time with my daughter to stay here in house alone, here in the middle of the banana plantation and near in the aircraft runway. I just love when hubby s with us, I really feel so safe and guarded but now I feel nervous without him to protect us from dangerous people with bad intentions. I know is with us and He wont let these things happens and always there to intervene to His children

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