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Active and talkative 16.03.14

As I watched how my daughter grows together with her friends, I saw something different from her. She’s more active and talkative than others. Maybe because of her vitamins and milk. I felt so lucky and great for what she performed. Aside from being healthy she also loves music and sang very well. she is still three year old but acted like a six year old. Even our friends are amaze and curious of how we raise her. Hoping for more good health and wisdom for her.

Great things He has done 16.03.14

I really thank God for what He have done to us. So many things… great things…I know and I trusted you Lord. Thank you for the blessings and good health. I know time come you will reveal to us your perfect will and cant wait for it. Lord I know you are there willing to hear and grant our prayers. As what you said that you will surely grant the desires of our heart. Teach us to be humble and be clean in your sight. Thank you Lord.

I need to 16.03.14

We have a weekly Sunday service at Gemini Apokon but this s just a pioneering ministry. It was started by the Espiritu family. As a pioneering worker I need to make all my best for the good and development of the Church. I cannot deny the fact that there are times that I felt discourage and dismayed of what is the status right now but I need to move on. Thank you for your grace and mercy that enables me to continue moving on.

I just wanted to say thank you 15.03.14

We just finished constructing the building for our furniture business and I felt so great thinking our business and how it runs. I just wanted to say thank you site for lid supports that help me came to know you where I don’t need to spent enough time for orders. I knew we can be a good business partner someday. For you my dear who spent enough time and effort to make these things come true and for your sacrificed. We love you so much.

How I wish 15.03.14

There are times that I felt worried and uncomfortable that causes me not to sleep well. Its very tiresome for it weakens my body. Maybe I think because of stress and failures i felt in my surroundings. There are lot of things I wish to be done but the time is very limited or short. How I wish to fulfill all my dreams as young as I am.

Spent enough timen 15.03.14

We just spent enough time with my family, treating our very cutie daughter at Zoofari, a children play house, for she ask us week ago that she miss that place and she wanted to play. Before we usually brought her every end of the month but because how busy we are we forgot  to do it regularly. But at last we have. Hopefully it will be done next month again so she can satisfy her childhood life.

Changes of behavior 15.03.14

It was a very tremendous experienced of my relatives family because one of their sons was involved in using illegal drugs. I noticed the changes of behavior of my cousin. Its really different even the he speak right now. He always got a bad mode and even no respect with his parent. Only what he likes is to be with his friends. As what the saying says, same feather flocks together. He is really a problem to us so I advice the parent to bring him at opiate rehab center to treat him with specialists.

Free of charge 12.03.14

Aside from his more than ten big sound boxes my dad also has many amplifiers, lights and instruments for his mobile sound servicing to the people in our Barangay. They only need to book ahead of time so that dad can arrange the schedule of each request. This is all free of charge. We just hope that in this way we can make people happy with the services we are giving to them.

Recalling my past 12.03.14

Usually when I am alone I kept on recalling my past and it’ll just happen. I never regret anything because I believe everything is in God’s plan and will. I just remember my wedding four years ago. I really forgot to say thank you to the one played the keyboard in the wedding ceremony. Though we already met but we are not that close, good thing because it was a friend of mine brought him to my wedding. He’s a very talented man; he also sang and really has a good voice. Thank you!

Felt worried 06.03.14

There are times that I felt worried and fear about my body condition because when I was young I did so many things that can harm my body and psychological aspects. I considered my self living with world and does contrary with Gods will. I knew this time I harvested of what I sow but I know God is with me. I still keep on praying that God will continue to use me in expanding His kingdom, together with my wife and our child. And it is my prayer that God will extend my life more and more that I and my wife and our child will come to the point of become old in the service of the most high God.

Battle of the band 06.03.14

Few days ago I went to Tagum to witness the battle of the band where my brothers band are part of the entries. It was so wonderful, they presented very well. The music was so nice and the sound system had a perfect balance.  Out of my curiosity, I drew near the sound system and I saw celestion vintage 30, a perfect combination I actually plan to buy like this for our music studio.

I’m still wondering 06.03.14

I’m still wondering to what would be the reason for my chest pain. Every time I inhale deeply I felt the pain inside my body. I was told by the doctor that he cant see any reason behind but still they are looking for the cause. I think maybe because of my furniture business and I am now exposed to dusting and paint chemicals. Hopefully I’ll be better soon. Thank you Lord.

How lucky am I 06.03.14

I have my own family and my parents resides quite far from us but since I’m here at the hospital and confined my mother and father came to us just to visit and to replace with me for a while in taking care with our furniture business. That is how lucky am I, just get call and they will be their. For this reason I just wanted them to give my thanksgiving for all the things they have done to us. Thank you also for taking care with our little angel juday while we are at the hospital. Thank you for all of you.

Just click for your orders 06.03.14

Today, most of the people are busy with their business or with their career, so going to the malls or stores are in special circumstances. Most of the clients especially for hardware parts, garments and many more are preferred to buy them online to avoid risk, hazard free and easy access and appointment. You can lie at hope and just click for your orders while saving your time for rest.

Realization to our spiritual life 05.03.14

What happened for me today is reminder of how I need to take care of my self and a realization to our spiritual life on how are we going to use our lives while still alive. Like a money, our lives can be used in two different ways, Number one this is called spending. Like money if our life spend in places or whatever for no reason like doing and following of what is in the world, it returns nothing but instead it can harm and destroy our lives. The second one is by investing. this kind of lifestyle brings a lot. Not only helps us personally but also glorify Gods name.

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