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Prenatal day 06.03.08

Yesterday I was on prenatal check-up. We were 57 patients. There were 5 of us working. I think I did like may be 20 out of the 57. Not to boast myself but I always do more prenatal checks than my co-midwives. I think I can do more without them interrupting me all the questions they have for their patients. It is always fun doing check up on pregnant women. It always makes me so happy to feel the baby inside the womb moving. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing phenomenon can happen. It really shows how powerful God is. Sometimes I can’t fathom how the baby grows inside and be delivered in a specific or right time. Preggy moms will not carry babies in their wombs forever. Most of the time it made me feel somewhat exhausted after duty. But hey are worth the hard work though.

A quiet day 06.03.08

Today I work day shift. There was no patient being endorsed to us. It was not a perfect day for me because I had an allergies. My nose was runny and I got teary-eyed. So I took some anti-allergy drugs. It made me so drowsy and sleepy. I was so glad that I was able to sleep for an hour. We were so board cause nothing kept us busy. Then finally, 30 minutes before endorsement time a labor came in. It is her 5th baby. She came in active labor and was check, she was already 8cm when she came 2 cm more to go then she will be pushing her baby. At exactly 2pm, her BOW or water ruptured then she pushed twice then baby’s head was already visible. After 5 minutes baby was out! First baby boy in the family!! The baby is named after her Father, Joseph Jr. Every one was happy.

Drug treatment 06.03.08

Drug rehab these days seems to be in the news daily anywhere in the world. Few celebrities who are known to get in and out of rehab is becoming more common. It’s almost like a badge of honor to faithfully completed the drug rehab in an addiction treatment center. The mean reason for the drug rehab center is to provide you with all the tools to overcome your addiction with the most comfortable environment complimented their superior service and attention. It will help you get back your wonderful life which drugs have stolen from you. It is not too late.

Drug Addiction 06.03.08

Drug addiction is so rampant now a days. It is increasingly obvious. As drug addiction is somebody who is physiologically or psychologically dependent on a potentially harmful drug. Are you or you know of someone who has this illness? It is time to move on to a meaningful life. It is the time to choose to help yourself or somebody return to normal life, to good health  by providing therapy or for drug treatment. Break the bandage of harmful drugs out of your life. Now is the best time for it to live life to the fullest.

In my brokenness 04.03.08

We just had our Care Group. We have it every once in awhile where all of the members of the team gather together to worship and hear the words of God. As we  worship, I can’t hold back my tears. It ministers into my heart. It made me realized how broken I am before God, how I needed him in my life. In my brokenness he is always there for me to pick all the pieces and make me whole again. God has been faithful in me and will always be.

Moving on for good reasons 04.03.08

Last night I printed out my resignation letter. It made me feel sad and it made my heart heavy. I can’t believe I come to this point. I am excited for a new challenge though. I truly believe I am moving on for good reasons. At the same time I am sad to leave because I will miss the people I love and my patients. I have been working for this company for nine years and three months. I pondered how this company helped me grow me in many ways. How it helped me develop my skills and capabilities. however, time has come for me to leave and spend more time with my family. I really don’t know was lies ahead of me. I put my trust in the God because He knows the future. I prayed that I will have a great and smooth transition for stepping on another chapter in my life.

Precor Elliptical 04.03.08

Everybody needs to exercise. As exercise reduces the risk of death due to heart disease and stroke, aids in reducing weight, helps prevent diabetes mellitus, strengthens bones, and enhances immune function. The psychological benefits are also broad, and most studies suggest a positive relationship between physical fitness and mental achievement. Going in to the fitness gym can be very expensive. Why not purchase exercise equipments at Precor elliptical make sure to check out their great selection. Having those at home will not just save you money but it will save you time and energy. It also motivates to exercise regularly.

land for sale Branson 03.03.08

Having a land property is the best investment we can for the value of the land will dramatically increase as time passes. If you are looking for the best place to buy a  land for sale Branson is perfect for you. At StoneBridge they just don’t offer for sale lands but they also offer rentals for golf, luxury homes and woodland retreats. It’s a perfect place for a second home, retirement investment or full time resident. They helped thousands find the better-quality life through custom-built luxury estates, patio and single-family homes, lodges and more.

My Circle of friends 03.03.08


As I was browsing my computer, I came across with this picture. This is me and my circle of friends. It was taken 8 years ago. Oh, it was such a wonderful and meaningful time we shared. Those were the days. Right now, only two of us remain and still working together. The other two already left the country. They went to the US and working there as registered nurses. I miss them a lot. I am just thankful that memories are like diamonds they are forever.

Custom pens 03.03.08

Every one of us needs pen. It is very important for our day to day lives. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. In my field of work if you don’t have a pen, it seems like your can’t do anything. I always have pen with me. The kind of pen I used affects my mood of writing so I see to it that I choose a pen that has a good quality like those in custom pens. They Have a variety of selection to choose from a group of fresh styles and colors, with a flair for the edgy, we know you’ll find something for your occasion.

Alcohol rehab 03.03.08

Alcoholism is an awful condition. It is a chronic disease marked by a craving for alcohol. People who suffer form this illness are known as alcoholics. They cannot control their drinking even when it becomes the underlying cause of serious harm, including medical disorders, marital difficulties, job loss, or automobile crashes. Alcoholism cannot be cured yet, but various alcohol rehab or treatment options can help an alcoholic avoid drinking and regain a healthy life. If you or a person you love is suffering this disease, it is the time to make the right decision to change your lifestyle for the better. A meaningful alcohol recovery program can save your life.

Choosing what medicine works best for you 01.03.08

It’s always good to be a buddy to our body. After all, it is the only one we’ve got. I make it a point to tune in on what my body is trying to tell me. Fatigue simply means I should not overextend myself anymore as my body needs to rest and recharge. Allergies mean my system does not agree with something in my environment or with what I have just ingested. Fever is my body’s way of saying i have some kind of illness or infection brewing inside of me. Understanding our body signals helps us function better. And so, it pays to be sensitive to how our body reacts to outside stimuli, to things we do and to anything we take in especially medicines. As a rule, I am very careful about the medicines I take or give to my family, having grown up with a mom who was concerned about their possible side effects. 01.03.08

Every of us deserve to have a great rest and sleep. Some of the factors that disturb our time of sleep is the kind of mattress we use. We need a mattress or bed that can help to ease muscle and joint pains, providing the comfort we need for deep sleep and good health. Getting a massage chair in Bedinabox today is the best thing you can do for your health. Sleep outside the box. You will get to sleep fast – naturally. You will get a deeper, more satisfying sleep.

Vegas Hotels 01.03.08

Are dying to have a break? Give yourself a treat and have fun and enjoy. You need to give time for yourself and be merry in the most excellent hotel in Vegas hotels. You’ve been working hard so you deserve to have a great time. i4vegas welcomes you and will take care of you with that because their main objective is to offer the finest Las Vegas Hotels at excellent rates all in one place. It will give you a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.

Photo hunt: Party 01.03.08

babies in party

Hi! This is my photo hunt for this week. This is really a party isn’t it? These babies were born in our clinic last month. Eight babies born in 12 hours. One of the busiest shift we had. Usually we have babies born 2 or 3 babies in one day. They are so cute. They melt our hearts away. They are worth the hard work. It is an honor to be a witness of the miracle of life.

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