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A good real estate agent 03.11.07

As I said, I am interested about the field, but I know we should not trust people we deal with 100% especially if we don’t know them. We have to do our share of research so we know somehow what we will encounter or how to deal with a possible trap. The very people who are knowledgeable about the working of the real estate industry such as developers and their brokers are always unwilling to furnish information that could be of help to the perspective buyers. But:

A good real estate agent have many services to offer at no cost to the buyer. By all means, take advantage of their knowledge and know-how, especially for first-time buyers and out-of-towners. They have more properties to show you that you are not aware were available in the market. It will cut you down on your time and efforts searching for a home.

God’s protection 25.10.07

God protected us from harm today. After I took the exam, my sister, my friend and I went to eat at McDonald. My sister asked if I want to go a specific mall for relaxation and  fun. I decided not to go because I was so tired and wanted to sleep. So we just went to back to the hotel where we stayed. Just right after we arrived there was a flash news in the television about the bombing in a mall. Much to our surprise it was the mall that we planned to go to. God really do miracles and great protection. Thanks God.

The NCLEX- exam 19.10.07

The day has come for me to take the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Exam for Registered nurses. If I pass this exam I will be a Registered Nurse in the US. I was kind of nervous even I did my best to review. God is always with me and I trust that he will do the rest because I did my best I can to study. NCLEX exam is a Computer adaptive test. The minimum questions 75, maximum is 265. If you reach the competency level within the 75 questions the computer will shut down. It will also shut down if you do not show competent in answering the questions. I did ask God every questions to give me knowledge to choose the right answer. Before I submit the answer for the 75 q, I prayed that the computer will shut down, shut down that I passed. Then it shutted down. I had an ambivalent feelings with it because there is only 50/50 chance that I pass or fail. Only God knows. I felt so exhausted after the exam. It took me about almost 3 hours. I was so thankful that my sister accompany me. It will take 4-6 weeks to know the result. Good luck to me.

Owning a home 08.10.07

One of my aim and plan is owning a home of my own. Owning a home is one of the considerations of anyone’s dreams. Isn’t that right? Each of us has our own “dream home”. The home is the largest component of our net worth and a significant component of our retirement plan. It is also very stressful financial transaction one can make because it involves a lot of money, more than any other undertaking we may make. Adding to the complexity are the legalities of real estate transactions and the sufficient cash flow. That is why, as always, it is important to make intelligent and smart decisions without falling into the unsuspecting tricks and traps that usually and normally follow deals of this nature. Always best to have your own stock knowledge than just let people dictate us.

Smell of orange juice 30.09.07

When I go on duty, I always have with me my water bottle. It always make me feel irritated every time  I put juice like orange juice in it, it smells. So search and found the solution with my problems. I hope it will help you too. When you have smell of orange juice or any other juices in a water jug, this is how to remove the smell: pour a solution of baking soda and water into the jug and leave overnight. Rinse very well with clear water. I tried it. It really works. A warning : if you’ve had this problem for sometime, it might be next to impossible to do anything about it because the odor has already seeped into the container walls.

An ounce of prevention 20.09.07

I don’t want that my ear will get infected again. I am very careful now to take good care of my ear. I am guided with this tips to prevent external otitis (inflammation of the ear canal):
• Carefully dry your ears with a hair dryer or towel after swimming or bathing.
• Put several drops of a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar or of water and rubbing alcohol in the ear canal to aid drying after swimming.
• Avoid excessive ear cleaning (simply wipe out whatever is at the opening of the ear canal).
• Put cotton balls in your eyes when applying hair spray or dye.

My first home birth 06.09.07


This is my first home birth delivery as a nurse-midwife. My cousin delivered her 3rd baby on Nov. 09, 2002, at home. This was my first delivery experience outside the clinic or hospital. It took a lot of courage and faith that God will take good care of everything. It was a different feeling because I am helping my cousin not just other patients that I took care of, that I am not blood related. It was a pressure because the whole family was depending on me with the birth. To God be the glory all things went well. The baby came out fast with no problems. A baby boy named Kent. It was a victorious event not just for me but the whole clan. It was the first time I felt I am really a nurse-midwife. It was so fulfilling..

Tetanus injection 20.08.07

tenanus ijection

This is me taken when I did a prenatal check up. I injected this patient with tetanus injection for prevention of tetanus.
Every pregnant women living in an area where there is neonatal tetanus should be vaccinated against tetanus at the first antenatal visit or every pregnancy. If she has not previously had the full course of tetanus protection, she should be vaccinated again 1-2 months later, then again 6 months after that.

Plan to start my own business 09.08.07

Lately, I was thinking of starting your own business. Before I start my own business, I should  familiarize myself with the different categories my business may fall into. I need to be well prepared for it because I can not just start it without any other considerations. I need to define your business categories for several purposes, mainly for filling forms with local and national government offices, for bank financing, and to obtain government assistance for my business. In the Conduct of entrepreneur’s business, there are three types of business whose differences are primarily based on the liabilities assumed by business owner: sole or individual proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Whichever I belong to, I hope my business flourish with the kind of management I ought to have. I can’t wait to manage my own business.

I love bathing babies 02.08.07

This is me bathing my cousin’s baby.One of the things I love in my profession is bathing babies. I delivered this baby at home on April 24, 2006. It was a great experience for me. He is now almost 2 y.o. As I look back two years ago, it made me realize how time passed so fast. He was just a baby by then. But now he already talks to me and runs around. He is such a handsome boy.

Just in time 23.07.07

Today I worked Day shift 6am-2pm. I set my alarm clock at 5:30 am. My alarm went off but I think I was still half awake and turned it off without my awareness. I was dreaming that I am already prepared for my shift. Then finally I suddenly wake up and when I looked at the clock, it was already 5:56am. All my adrenaline came rushing. I jumped off the bed and was fully awake in just a moment. I was kind of confused as to what do I need to do first. Finally I figured it out. Of course, I was not able to have a full shower as I used to before my every shift. Fortunately, I arrived in the birth room two minutes before endorsement time. It is good that I am just staying in the clinic where I work.

A good opportunity to buy 16.07.07

I had to admit that our purchase was unplanned. A land owner wanted to sell the land in emergency, I took the opportunity and since I am interested in getting that property. I was glad that we bought it at the right time, no one else had bought it, though I heard that one buyer was talking of buying it at greeter price we paid. If you are a first time buyer with limited funds, do not invest in more than one house or lot, of course if your funding is limited. Any extra funds should be used to increase the down payment or monthly dues in order to reduce your financial burden.

A good opportunity to buy is when you can lock-up the mortgage rate when it is low. This will allow you to build up equity faster even if the value of the house does not increase as fast as you like. Same as with landed property. There is always timing for everything.

Home as an investment 13.07.07

home investmentWe have talked about it already. One day God willing we will build a house in the Philippines. I am excited about that. We have a prospective site now, but have not buy yet the land there in that place. The one we bought is just for another investment. I always keep in mind that the house you built or bought is an investment for the future, even though at present, you have no plan of selling it. Profit comes not in the future but at the moment you bought the house that is priced right, located in a good neighborhood, with amenities and modern facilities and with other features that are sure to bring more value to the home; with that alone we will have very good investment.

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