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India: Day 47

We woke up at around 7am and then prepared to go to the airport. We rode a taxi going to the international airport. It was a sad day but at the same time, it was an excited day to go home. My friend is so nice for giving me extra rupees to pay if I need to pay for my luggage. We were not sure how many kilos was my luggage. Goodbyes are the hardest time. My friend stayed awhile outside the airport so that if there will be problems she is still there to help. After I checked in, I was able to convince the police man that I need go outside to say a final goodbye with my friend and to let her know that I checked in with no problems. I will surely miss her. The times we spent together were priceless that I will surely cherish the rest of my life.

India: Day 46

We did a 1-week check up for Naoko and her baby. All went well. It was the time also to say goodbye. I really like her and her family. She is so sweet. She gave me a cell phone accessory from Japan. It’s so nice. Then My friend and I went back to Kurla to some chocolates to bring home. And then We went to Adheri to visit other client Lalita then we went to Diana at the hospital who had a Cesarean Section because of severe Oligohydramios which means the baby has no more enough bag of water inside in the womb. The baby is so cute. She is recovering well. Then we went to Gesu another client. My friend did a prenatal check up with her and then we had Indian dinner at their house. We were so full then we went home at 10:30pm. We rode rickshaw that took us one hour. It was really a long long day. But it was fulfilling. It was sad though because today is my last day to spend with my friend. I was packing up my things because y flight is tomorrow. I am very excited to go home even though sad for leaving my friend.

India: Day 45

My friend and I took two of the children Samari and Ariff who were having high fever. Then we went to the laboratory for blood work up to rule out malaria and TB. Samaria had a very high fever. We gave her some meds but still the fever was sky high. We went back to the station and let them ate lunch. My friend went to buy the prescribed medications while I stayed in the station doing sponge bath and cold compress to Samaria. Before we went home, the fever subsided.

India: Day 44

We were off today. We woke up late and then washed clothes. I was checking my emails and I received a message from my sister that made me cry. She was pouring out how she feels about our youngest sister’s wedding. She was not sure about her feelings about it. She is the one closest to my sis who is going to be married. She also stating that she was not sure what God’s plan for her life. I can’t help but to cry. My friend was wondering what happen to me and asked if I was okay. I told her I was I just need to cry. We planned to have a dinner out and she asked me if we will still go. I told her we still go even my eyes were bulging. We had a great time.

India: Day 43

We did a third day check-up for Naoko and her baby. They were going great. The baby already gained weight. Then we went to Valerie to do a 6 week check up and to say good bye for them. Then we went to the guys house to meet Samaria and Pritti who are Christians from Bangladesh. We had a wonderful time with them. We worshipped together. After that we went home and watch “Waking the dead”.

India: Day 42

We went to Naoko’s house for the first day postpartum and baby check-up. Then we rode a train going to CST station and then we went to Taj Hotel to where the Singapore Airline Office is located. I want to change my ticket as possible so that I can be home on my father’s and my sister’s birthday. I was on the waiting list to fly in two days. I was told to wait for a call from them if my flight will be changed. Then we went to Gateway of India which is located in front of the Taj Mahal. My friend and I took some pictures. Then we walked and tried to find Western Union office to claim the money that my sister sent to me. I was really glad because I was already out of money. We went to nearby shops and bought some souvenirs. We to Mahalaxmi station to ride a train going home. We went to the guy’s house for our worship. After that one my friend accompanied me to Shopper’s Stop (crossword to by some DVDs). My friend bought great movies for me. I was really happy.

India: Day 40

It’s our scheduled prenatal check-up with Naoko at 11am but we went there earlier because she texted Lina that she is started her labor. We were so glad because we expected her to give birth a week before. I was also concern because I have only 1 week left before I left the country but I will extend though if she will not deliver before then. I was just concern if I will have a difficult time changing my tickets. Lina, Cathy and I went to her house by train and rickshaw. When we arrived, she already has good contractions. At around 3pm Lina did an IE, she was only 3 cm but her cervix was very stretchy. Then we monitored her. The client’s husband prepared delicious food for us. While we were labor watching we were so full all the time. At around 10pm Naoko wants to push and wants us to break the Bag of Water. Lina wanted me to do the IE and rapture the BOW. So I did and IE and she was already 8-9cm, and I was able to dilate it to 10cm and then she started pushing and after I ruptured the BOW the baby’s head was already visible. Then Lina took over. She had her beautiful baby girl with good apgar score. The placenta did not come out for about 30 minutes of waiting so I suggested to let the patient on squatting position to facilitate it to come out. Thanks God right after squatting the placenta came out completely. Everything went well. We went to sleep at 2am. Then we woke up at 7am had a very good breakfast which was prepared by her mother. Then we went home and slept some more. We were so happy that she delivered and everything went well.

India: Day 38

Lina and I went to visit our station friends. On our way, we saw a man who was lying on the road with disgusting wounds which the flies had feasts on. He is very skinny and seems like cannot move anymore. We just passed him by and will be back for him because we need to go and visit our friends who are just nearby. After our visit we went back to the guy and we clean his wounds and dressed him up. We went to the police to ask for assistance. We need a stretcher to carry the man to the hospital. We were told to go the station manager to rent for a stretcher. And so we had one and then Lina and Daniel went to the hospital and I chose to go home because there was no space for me in the taxi. I slept for about one hour and then I went to the guy’s house for our worship meeting with our Indian family friends. I baby sit Afrin their youngest baby. We went outside of the house to play. Then I saw Soni, one of our station friends carrying her son crying. I can’t understand what she was saying. It so happened that a little friend of mine was around she helped me translate. We found out that she was kicked off from their house by her husband. I gave her water and stayed outside for awhile since the worship was going on. Then Daniel came and let her go in and join the worship and then we prayed for her and then we ate. Then I went home and watched TV “The father of the bride and ER”.

India: Day 37

Our off day. Lina went out to have her hair done. I just stayed home watched movies “seven pounds and Mama Mia”. I read some books and then slept more. I feel so refreshed and had a wonderful time away from anything.

India: Day 36

Lina and I went to Breach Candy. Lina is a breastfeeding consultant so she was called by a client to help for the breastfeeding. She went to the hospital while I was window shopping to a near by shop because I cannot go in to the hospital. I took her about 2 hours. I was reading a book standing outside the shop. It was not very fun because my legs started to ache. Then after Lina was done we bought food for our lunch and we went to her friend named Helen which is only a walking distance from the hospital. After we ate we went together at La Leche League meeting. A group of pregnant and breastfeeding moms and talked all about breastfeeding problems and how to solve it. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of things from them. Then we went home and prepared for our worship meeting and prayer for Ahoi. Then we all went out for dinner at Wild Orchid restaurant together with 3 other Indian guy friends. Then at about 10:30pm we went home and watched “waking up the dead” but unfortunately we did not finish it because there was a technical problem.

India:Day 35

Lina, and I watched the Slumdog millionare again. We watched together with Onjai who watched that movie for the first time. Then I watched “Bilu” also a bollywood movie. It was a great movie. It talked about family and friendship. Then I read the book called “The shack”. And later on I watch Sea Patrol.

India : Day 34

I stayed in the apartment today because I had a dysmenorrhea. I took a pain reliever which I am allergic to. So I put an ice over my eyes before it started to swell. It worked. There was no chance for my eyes to swell with the ice pack. After a while I watched some bollywood movies in the television. It was nice to be alone and have time to rest and sleep.

India: Day 33

Lina and I had a long day today. We went to see Diana at Andheri which is 45 minutes train ride and 30 mintues by rickshaw. We spent a lot of time in the train. The train was from Kurla to Dadar about 20 minutes then dropped off then change train from dadar to andheri. Then after our visit we rode a train from Adheri to Kurla station then changed train from Kurla to Thane to visit another client Naoko for prenatal check-up. Then we rode a train again from Thane to Kurla. At 7pm we went tot he guy’s house to get the food going to our station friends for dinner. We had a dinner with three Indian famiies in the station. We were eating at their houses with no roof so we were eating under the moon and the stars. Plus there was no electricity so we just use a lamp. We had a great time though. We were all full.

India: Day 32

Lina and I woke up late in the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to see a client Lalita at Andheri. We rode a train about 45 minutes and walked about 20 minutes. Before going to their place we dropped at McDonalds to eat ice cream. The heat of the sun was very exhausting so the ice cream was so refreshing. We had a wonderful time with the couple. Lina was teaching about what to expect during labor and delivery. We were given apple juice and some Indian food.

India: Day 31

Today is our off day. But Lina, Ahoi and I went to Khogar to visit Ram who is in the orphanage. We really had a great time playing with the children in there. There are about 16 of them. They seem very happy. The founder of that orphanage just arrived from the US and got them crocs and quilts. And then we had our lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Then we went to another orphanage to visit Ram’s brother Lakhan. He was very malnourished and almost near to dying when we saw him in the station. Lina was the one who referred him to the orphanage. We were so happy to see him gained a lot of weight. It was sad because they changed his name to Samuel. Lina is trying to figure out to let the two brothers will be put in the same orphanage. After visiting we dropped by and visit our station friends and then go home. It was a very long day. It was exhausting but fulfilling.

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