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Allergy attack

I worked swing shift. My allergies attacked. I worked with runny nose and teary eyes. I was running out of antihistamines so I was not able to take one. I worked with Ana, Serena, Stefanie. I had a labor whose BOW was already ruptured. She was advised to take castor oil and do nipple stimulation. Serena transported two patients. One was breech and the other one was postdates. Ermie was very kind for offering to take my three hours remaining shift so I could go home.

A cheap health insurance

Just this week, I was sick. I took medications that I did not know it has a content that I am allergic to. I eyes got swollen. Then I experienced chest pains and difficulty of breathing. I was already thinking of going to the hospital but I felt better a little while after. It is good that I have my health insurance. It would be of great help whenever I will be hospitalized.

Electrolux vacuums

Having allergies is not fun. A little dust or mite will trigger hayfever. Home should be extra clean if there is someone who has allergies at home. It should be free from all the elements that cause allergies attack. Electrolux vacuums is great in cleaning bare floors. Be free from all the dust. It will make a home a very nice place to live in.

Allergy alert

Allergy alert
Many people like me, experience respiratory ailments like hay fever from exposure to molds and dust mites, some without even knowing the source of their symptoms. It is not fun. It really mess up my mood and my day. Asthma can result from prolonged exposure to these allergens. To limit health problems, it’s wise to make your home environment as allergen-free as possible.

Dust mites thrive in many areas of the typical home, so it’s important to control the amount of dust that accumulates. Carpeting and upholstered furniture are two common dust collectors. For those with serious allergies, removing the carpet is highly recommended. Clothes also attract dust, so confining them to closets and using protective covers for items that get infrequent use can help to control mites.

Natural remedies for allergy

Allergies is a big problem. I am allergic to dust, fumes, and sea foods. It is not easy when the allergy attack. It really need to take my anti-histamine medications because it really disturb me. It made my throat sore. It is good to know that there are natural remedies to get rid of the allergy. I have to try it because I am tired of taking medications for my allergies.

The following is a list of natural remedy tips to reduce the effect of seasonal allergy:

Close the windows at home and in your car.

If you need to cool down, run the air conditioning instead of opening the windows. Also, put the air on “recirculate” so you’re not bringing in outside air filled with pollen.

Put pillows, box springs, and mattresses in cases that keep dust mites out. Wash it. Throw sheets, comforters, blankets, curtains, and washable stuffed animals regularly into the washing machine, set to the hottest water temperature the material can handle.

Use the clothes dryer. Dust mites can’t take the heat.

Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and dry. If you use a humidifier, clean it regularly so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

If your kids have dust mite allergies and their toys can’t be washed, put the toys in the freezer for 48 hours every two weeks. Freezing temperatures will kill the dust mites, Duke University’s Williams says.

To further reduce dust mites, consider replacing your carpeting with hard flooring and getting rid of upholstered furniture.

Ask your doctor if your allergies are linked to your pet, and what to do about it.

In the basement or attic, put away collectibles and clothes in plastic storage bags and run a dehumidifier to prevent mold growth.

Acupuncture, part of traditional Chinese medicine, has shown promise in some allergy studies. In acupuncture, very fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body to rebalance what practitioners call chi, or vital energy.

Although there is little research on the use of supplements for hay fever, one herb has undergone clinical testing. One study showed that an extract called butterbur Ze330 worked as well as a prescription antihistamine. It also did not cause sleepiness, which may make it a better option than some over-the-counter allergy remedies.

Researchers have also looked at vitamin C and other supplements, such as urtica dioica, bromelain, quercetin, and N-acetylcysteine, for fighting allergies. At this point, there is little evidence that they work.

Acne scars cream

My best friend in college has ance for a long time. She went to the a doctor of immunology and allergology. She underwent an expensive test to find out what is the really cause of her chronic acne. With the test result she found out that she is allergic to some food and fruits which is the mean cause of her acne. Her acne is gone and with the help of acne scars cream that was prescribed to her.

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