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Malaria in Pregnancy info

Most African countries now have drug-resistant strains of malaria. In South Africa, these drug resistant strains are found in parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Do not take children under the age of 5 into malaria-areas. Pregnant women are also at increased risk of contracting malaria, because they have a higher body temperature and produce more carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.

Christmas shopping online

There are a lot of special holidays, occasions and parties all the year round. Christmas is approaching. It is my most exciting holiday of the year. I observe that the spirit of Christmas is really different. You can feel it around us wherever we go. It is the time where I can have a long break from work and be with my family and friends. It is also the time where we have our Christmas bonus. It is a wonderful time to give and receive gifts. I really love to give gifts to my love ones. The joy of giving is unexplainable. It is so touching when we see people are happy receiving our gifts. It is very refreshing to the soul. It is my every year thing to start buying gifts early even months before Christmas. In this way, I will be in a hurry and I will not forget someone. I usually buy gift for the babies that I delivered. It would not be easy for me without the help of the Black Friday. They are of great help for us in making Christmas plans and shopping. You can start shopping on line as they offer no charges black friday 2008 email alerts. They have a wide selection of stores to choose from. You can find all the things that you ever needed. My favourite store is the Babies R Us. It is so much fun shopping on line. You can save money when buying on Black Friday. You just have to click the mouse no waiting in line. No need for you to drive and spend money for the gas. After Thanksgiving Day start the fun and make other people happy with your Christmas presents. The earlier you plan for holiday shopping the better in order to avoid rush shopping.

WW: Newly born baby

A newly born baby delivered at home. He is my cousin’s son. I was her midwife. She had a long labor and delivery but everything went well by God’s grace. He is very cute. He is now 1 year and 5 months. It feels so great to be there with them when he came out.

WW: Midwives versus babies

This was taken during one of the busy shifts in our clinic. These are my co-workers. It is so fun to deliver many babies in a shift. It is amazing to know how babies born at the same time or almost at the same time. It is so crazy when they come at the same time. 6 Midwives versus 9 babies… and the winner …………….BABIES!!!

Awesome retail baby clothing Website

In my profession, I am blessed to be a witness of the miracle of life. I delivered and assisted more 2000 babies. I really love them. They are so cute and they melt my heart. Truly they are bundles of joy. I really have fun bathing and clothing them. It is my honor to help parents put on their first baby clothes.
Babies deserve to have beautiful clothes. We can find some cool websites for them like Tiny Tiny Clothing. They have variety of matchless baby clothes to choose from. There is also a website Tie Dye Baby Clothes where you can find all the designs that you wanted.

My last birth shift

The other night was my last birth shift. It seemed like the patients wants to say goodbye to me, so they all came in my shift. We had a very long night shift. There were 2 babies born, the other one was transported to the hospital for Respiratory Distress. We also had complicated postpartum patients and we sutured 3 patients. That shift it seemed like it took forever. We got to rest hours of rest then back to work again and prepared for endorsement. I am so thankful that shifts will always end. I was able to sleep the following day.

Baby clothes

One of the best things I like with my profession is bathing and clothing babies. It is so fun to cloth them with personalized baby clothes. Babies are so cute. It feels so great to see them with their first outfit on in their entire life. It is a great honor for me to be able to parents put clothes on their babies. It is so much fun.

Wordless Wednesday

One thing I really love about my job is holding babies in my arms. It is really a wonderful feeling to hold them. They are treasures. They melt hearts. They bring so much joy unspeakable. No matter how tired you are if you a baby it will somehow strengthen you and give you peace. Babies are wonderful. They just don’t know how much love and joy they bring into our lives.

Wordless Wednesday: Thursday edition

This is me and the baby I delivered 4 months ago. Isn’t she cute? Oh my goodness! She is so so cute. Look at her spiky hair! =) This baby made my day. I felt delighted in the midst of my busy day. The last time I saw her was when she was still 6 weeks old. I can’t imagine how fast babies grow and how fast time passed. It seems like I just delivered her few weeks ago.

Photo hunt: Party

babies in party

Hi! This is my photo hunt for this week. This is really a party isn’t it? These babies were born in our clinic last month. Eight babies born in 12 hours. One of the busiest shift we had. Usually we have babies born 2 or 3 babies in one day. They are so cute. They melt our hearts away. They are worth the hard work. It is an honor to be a witness of the miracle of life.

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