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Full day

I woke up early than usual because I need to cook breakfast for my cousin and my aunt. My cousin gave birth few hours ago. We had breakfast together and then prepared the things to go home which is one and a half hour bus drive.We rode on the bus which was very slow. It took us more than two hours to reach to our place.  We ate before we ride a tricycle going to our house.We had our scheduled youth prayer meeting two hours after I arrived home. I slept while waiting for the young people. But only 3 and were late. I just postponed the prayer meeting because I have another appointment. If I do not have the appointment, I plan to have the meeting even there were only 3 of them came. I found out that they thought I was not coming.

Hard labor and birth

I really thank God for the wisdom he gave me helping our patient. We had a patient who was in labor for a long time. Normally, the normal labor pattern, the patient should progress one centimetres every hour. Our patient was 6cm dilated (10 cm cervical dilation they are allowed to push) only progressed 2 cm for almost 12 hours. So we are already planning to transport her. But before that I did AROM ( artificial rupture of membranes) sometimes it helps the baby’s head to descend and open the cervix more. Thankfully, after AROM, she was already almost 10 cm and had the urge to push, so I let her push. She had a hard time pushing her baby’s head. Finally, about more than an hour of pushing, her baby came out. Everyone was so happy. Both of the couple cried. To God be the glory.


Wordless Wednesday

My wordless wednesday entry. This is me with baby Carl Xyron. A son of my cousin who delivered at home. I was her nurse-midwife. God so is great for everything was normal with the birth. No complications or anything. Everything ran smoothly and in perfect timing. Carl was born on 4/24/06 almost 2 y.o now. so handsome and so cute.

A quiet day

Today I work day shift. There was no patient being endorsed to us. It was not a perfect day for me because I had an allergies. My nose was runny and I got teary-eyed. So I took some anti-allergy drugs. It made me so drowsy and sleepy. I was so glad that I was able to sleep for an hour. We were so board cause nothing kept us busy. Then finally, 30 minutes before endorsement time a labor came in. It is her 5th baby. She came in active labor and was check, she was already 8cm when she came 2 cm more to go then she will be pushing her baby. At exactly 2pm, her BOW or water ruptured then she pushed twice then baby’s head was already visible. After 5 minutes baby was out! First baby boy in the family!! The baby is named after her Father, Joseph Jr. Every one was happy.

My first home birth


This is my first home birth delivery as a nurse-midwife. My cousin delivered her 3rd baby on Nov. 09, 2002, at home. This was my first delivery experience outside the clinic or hospital. It took a lot of courage and faith that God will take good care of everything. It was a different feeling because I am helping my cousin not just other patients that I took care of, that I am not blood related. It was a pressure because the whole family was depending on me with the birth. To God be the glory all things went well. The baby came out fast with no problems. A baby boy named Kent. It was a victorious event not just for me but the whole clan. It was the first time I felt I am really a nurse-midwife. It was so fulfilling..

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