Anything Under The Sun, All seasons and aspects of my life

Sunday’s best

Every Sunday morning I used to get up early and fix every thing before going to the church. Because Sunday is special I must apply practical tips on what to wear and how to dress up when worshiping God. I always wear dresses particularly proper and casual dress every Sunday.

Teary-eyed sunday

Last Sunday was a sad day, i woke up early and went to the church. Tears fell down when we heard the speaker. His words touched our hearts. The speaker emphasizes his words with emotional feelings that really reflects our lives. There’s a light at the end of the darkness was his topic. That made us cry.

I’m Glad

Since I was a child my mom took me to the church every Sunday morning. Now that I’m growing older we are still going to the church until now and I fully understands why we did this. I have learned many things from the word of God and having fear for him. I’m glad I’m a Christian, I’m serving the Lord.

Object lesson

This week I’m preparing for my speaking presentation for the Women’s day in our church this coming Sunday. Last Wednesday, our president called my samsung htc I was told that I’m a part of the program in our ministry. I am going to do an object lesson. I grabbed the opportunity to share the gospel. This will be my first time in preaching now I am trying to prepare my self.

Church Anniversary

We’re so busy preparing for the coming anniversary celebration of our church. We are inviting visitors from the other churches. So we must ready. Today, the choir members having their practice and children in their presentation, some are cleaning and some are making tent outside of the church. it is important that everybody will help and cooperate for the success of our celebration.

WW: Watermelon contest

It was one of the group contests we had in our church. We grouped ourselves into 5 groups. The dynamic of the game, the group who consumed the watermelon first will be the winner. It was really fun. Look at the watermelon aftermath… =)

Tears of joy

Today in church, I didn’t help my tears from coming out. It was tears of joy and relief. I have an aunt who went away and left her family for a while. We were worried for their family. I felt the hurts her children feel about the situation. I personally was praying for her that God will touch her heart and to come back home. Two weeks ago she went back home for good. It made us all so happy. Today the whole family rendered a special song in the church entitled “Sheltered in the arms of God”. I just didn’t understand myself why my tears kept on coming out while listening to them. I felt so happy for them. I was so touched and I pray that they will continue to serve the Lord as a family. I was not the only one who cried but I think almost everyone in the congregation cried too. Tears of joy. To God be the glory.

Structure of a family

Today I went to the church. I found the sermon very interesting and it is really a practical one. The pastor talked about the the structuure of a family. It emphasized how important family is as a basic unit in the community. The parents are the authorities in the family over the children not reverse. The bible reminded us that parents should train up the child the he should go so when he is old he will not depart from it. Children should obey their parents for this the right thing to do.

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