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Essential fitness equipment

Every human being has the right to lead a happy and fulfilling life and this largely depends upon the level of fitness of his body as well as mind. The importance of fitness equipment stems from the fact that people nowadays are particularly conscious of the way they look and needless to say, everyone tries to look their best. It is essential to have correct equipment, to prevent injury while you exercise in the comfort of your own home or in the gym.

Holding a newborn

.The joy of holding a newborn baby is the best feeling in the world. Babies bring so much joy in us. Everything we hold them we feel a huge feeling of being loved. When you need to be relaxed and comforted, hold a baby.

Affordable Bathroom fixtures

Aside from our bedroom, bathroom gives us comfort. It is where we find comfort in times when we do not feel good. It is a great place to be when we want to be alone and find release. That is why it is very important that we have a wonderful bathroom fixtures and accessories. Whenever you want to improve your bathroom or replace any accessories in there, is the best place you can go. They offer the best that suits your taste.

Remembering 911

Another year to remember our loved ones who lost their lives of the terrorists attack on 911. God bless the ones who served to protect our  freedom. We all need to be reminded about 9-11 and what it did to our lives and how it brought us all together. Too bad it took this to wake up the American people and now they are going back to the way they were. May the Lord comfort all of us.
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Lead me Lord

As I was doing something in my computer, I heard the choir rehearsing the song entitled “Lead me Lord”. I don’t know but my tears just came out. I think I was carried away by the message of the song. It just happened that I my heart aches for something.  It is really true that I need the Lord’s guidance in my life. So many times I walk in my own way. Sometimes it is hard for me to surrender everything to him. It is very comforting to know that God never leave my side in all my days. He is always there to remind me when giving up seems easier. When I am down He is there to lift me up. When I need comfort He is always there with the promise that He is close to those who are broken hearted. There are things that happened that I don’t understand but I know there is a purpose in everything. It is just hard to embrace that but one thing I know for sure that God knows. He allowed things to happen for a reason and it is for the best of all of us. I am clinging to a hope that everything will turn out good in my life and the people I love.

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