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Can computers cause eyestrain

People who use computers on a daily basis often complain of eye irritation, fatigue and difficulty focusing. Just what I experience for being in front of the computer working for a long time. Most of these symptoms are caused by conditions surrounding the computer screen, and not necessarily the computer causing eyestrain. Poor lighting or improper placement of equipment and supplies, or a pre-existing eye problem may be the cause.

The computer screen should be placed slightly below eye level. Reference material should be placed on a document holder and moved close enough to the screen so that you don’t have to swing your head back and forth from the material and the screen. If that happens, your muscles can become stiff and sore, and your eyes have to constantly change focus, which can cause eyestrain or headaches.

PS3 (play station 3)

There are a lot of things you can buy at They have everything that you need. When you are planning to give someone a gift you just have to visit them on line. You can choose whatever you want. A PS3 is a great one. It is great for fun and excitement. It has a new power beyond limits and evolution.

Patch cables

In our house, we have so many line wires from computers, electrical wires, and jumbo speakers which my dad is making to sell. I always make sure that it is taking care of like using patch panels to make sure that we will not be having short circuits and to avoid problems like fire. Everyone should be very careful in taking care of the cables and wires in the house.

Video adapters

Computers and technology is already part of our lives. It became a very important part in my life especially when my sister gave me laptop computer as her gift. I can do almost everything with it. Most of all my family and my sisters abroad are able to communicate with them and see them face to face with PCI video adapters. I am very grateful of the high technology communication. It brings us closer together. There are times though that we were cut off in the middle of our talking due to problems like. There are different problems that can happen in connecting to the internet help us in dealing all that.

Why rocks

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