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I am preparing for my sow’s giving birth. She has ten more days left.  A few days before giving birth, she will be moved to farrowing crate I made for her where she is able to lie down to nurse while being held apart from her piglets. I am so excited and already prepared oxytocin and other medicine to be needed during her delivery.

Remembering the day

I can still remember the pain I experienced during my labor and delivery one month and half ago. I can’t describe the pain it’s like killing me softly. God is really good for putting interval to it. There is always a reward, after all the pain I suffered still no one can compare the feeling when I saw my cute 8.3lbs baby girl for the first time. I waited for 9months and it’s really worth waiting. I thanked and praised God for everything He has done and still be doing in my life.

Breasfeeding twins

. One of the twins that we delivered. It was a surprise twins. We did not have any ideas that this patient carried twins since her tummy is not that big. We were just wandering when the first baby came out very small. When we checked, there was another baby inside her uterus. Thanks God they both came out normally though we did resuscitation on both of them. They responded well after few minutes of CPR. To God be the glory. The twins are so cute. One weighed 1.8 kls and the other is 1.9 kls. After awhile breastfeeding were established.

My preggy friend delivered her sister’s baby

A midwife friend of mine wrote me an email today. She told me that she delivered her sister’s baby. There was a complication of delivery called shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia happened when the shoulders is stuck up way up high to the pubic bone. The baby’s head is out but it will take some manuever or management to let the whole body to come out. Thanks God the delivery went well. The exciting thing there aside from  having a new baby was, my friend is also pregnant, she is 36 weeks pregnant one or two weeks more she will have her baby. Pretty sure there was an andrenaline rush. I am so proud of her.

Surgical care for women

In my field of practice as a nurse-midwife, I have been caring for pregnant women and delivering babies. I have seen many women who have problems like dis-aligned perineal structure and genital prolapse due to laceration from their previous deliveries that was not sutured or not carefully sutured. I had one patient who underwent vagina surgery and vaginal relaxation because it really bothers her after she delivered her first baby. After surgery it improved her health and quality of life. Many doctors who are experts on vaginal or bladder surgery like Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore. They are committed to help women through their gynenicology surgical care expertise.

Out of my comfort zone

Two days before I left the place where I work, there was a pregnant patient to was looking for me while I was busy packing up my things. Our guard got me. He had no idea who that patient was and so was I. At first I was somewhat irritated because I was busy and I already resigned from work. I was about to tell the guard that I don’t want to see anyone but suddenly a thought came into my mind what if it is very important or what if it would be our last meeting. It took me few minutes to come down stairs. To my surprise when the patient saw me her tears started coming out as she knew that I already resigned from work. I am not exaggerating but the patient was almost sobbing. She is pregnant with her 5th baby. She was my continuity. I cared for her during her prenatal check ups until delivery. I delivered her 4 babies. She wanted me to deliver her 5th baby but she understood the reason why I resigned. She was very dismayed but I encouraged her that there will be midiwives who will take good care of her. I was so touched. I just did not realized that I played a big part in my patients’ lives. I was so thankful that I went downstairs to see her. I can’t forgive myself if I didn’t. Sometimes in life we need to get out of our comfort zone just to meet other people. It will surprise us what awaits us.

Wordless Wednesday

My wordless wednesday entry. This is me with baby Carl Xyron. A son of my cousin who delivered at home. I was her nurse-midwife. God so is great for everything was normal with the birth. No complications or anything. Everything ran smoothly and in perfect timing. Carl was born on 4/24/06 almost 2 y.o now. so handsome and so cute.

A quiet day

Today I work day shift. There was no patient being endorsed to us. It was not a perfect day for me because I had an allergies. My nose was runny and I got teary-eyed. So I took some anti-allergy drugs. It made me so drowsy and sleepy. I was so glad that I was able to sleep for an hour. We were so board cause nothing kept us busy. Then finally, 30 minutes before endorsement time a labor came in. It is her 5th baby. She came in active labor and was check, she was already 8cm when she came 2 cm more to go then she will be pushing her baby. At exactly 2pm, her BOW or water ruptured then she pushed twice then baby’s head was already visible. After 5 minutes baby was out! First baby boy in the family!! The baby is named after her Father, Joseph Jr. Every one was happy.

My first home birth


This is my first home birth delivery as a nurse-midwife. My cousin delivered her 3rd baby on Nov. 09, 2002, at home. This was my first delivery experience outside the clinic or hospital. It took a lot of courage and faith that God will take good care of everything. It was a different feeling because I am helping my cousin not just other patients that I took care of, that I am not blood related. It was a pressure because the whole family was depending on me with the birth. To God be the glory all things went well. The baby came out fast with no problems. A baby boy named Kent. It was a victorious event not just for me but the whole clan. It was the first time I felt I am really a nurse-midwife. It was so fulfilling..

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