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wedding reception

In the past few weeks, my family and friends gathered together at the hotel at the reception of my auntie’s wedding day. We celebrated with laughter, prayers and wishes together as our traditions and had a wonderful dinner. The reception was well-prepared. Every table was filled with branded cocktail napkins. There were approximately 150 persons presented to witness in their vows. They may live happily ever after.

expect the unexpected

Nobody knows what will happen every now and then. I remember one time it was valentine’s day but I didn’t expect after we took dinner with my family, our youngest brother who is 4 years old that time played one piso coin in his mouth and accidentally swallowed it into his stomach. So we called ambulance and rushed him to the hospital on Valentine’s Day. Operation done and thanks God everything went well.

Perfect time

I had a great time this afternoon because my sister and I got to chat for a long time. At about dinner time, D cooked a very delicious meal (chicken pie and vegetable salad). yummy. It was so great. I was eating delicious food while I watching the sun setting through the window. What a perfect time for perfect food and perfect sun set.

Then J made a very yummy cake. While waiting for the cake to cool down, she invited me to go out to the pharmacy to buy Deep heat for her muscle sore. But before we went out, I offered her a liniment oil called “Paud de arko” and she rub it on her feet. While we were walking she feels the oil was soothing her legs. I offered to give her the 1 bottle because I have 3 but she said I will need it. So i did force her to have it. We arrived in the pharmacy just about 4 minutes walk. She got what she wanted and it was very expensive. Even it was already about 7pm, the wind is still very warm.

When we arrived we ate the cake and then ready to sleep.

The surprise

I was so glad that I decided to join the dinner at my ex-boss house. I thought I will only see my friends and co-midwives that I worked with recently. To my surprise two of my good friends way back 9 years ago, were there. We were all excited to see each other. We really had fun and enjoyed the food. It was really fun talking about our funny experiences during those times.

Dinner invitation

Yesterday my ex-boss texted me invited me for a dinner at their house. She asked me if I can join with my c0-workers for the dinner. I was so excited to know that. I texted her back that I would love to come. It was already two weeks since I resigned from my work. I am so excited to see them again eventhough  I need to travel for 2 hours from my house.

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