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Take time to relax

It is very important that whole family should have a vacation once a year. It will give each member of the family a chance to have a great time away from the factors that draw there attention like work, friends and others. Everyone will enjoy the beach and the beauty of the nature.Create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Circle of friends

I just remember this scenario with my friends. It was taken about 8 years ago. We went on a holiday for 3 days. We really had a lot of fun. In this picture we were singing to the top of our lungs. Those were the days. I really miss having time with them. It is sad to say that all of us are very far away from each other. Two of them are already in the US, one in the Philippines and I am in Africa. I am so thankful that we have photos to keep our treasured moments. It is so great to be part of a circle of friends. I wish one day we will be together.

Sweet potato pie recipe

I love to eat. It would be fair if I know how to cook isn’t it? I love cooking. I have been collecting recipes from main menu meal, snacks, cakes and pastries from Find My Recipeis. One of the favourites is the sweet potato pie. I really love the taste of it. I was thinking of making it as my Christmas give-aways for my friends.

The surprise

I was so glad that I decided to join the dinner at my ex-boss house. I thought I will only see my friends and co-midwives that I worked with recently. To my surprise two of my good friends way back 9 years ago, were there. We were all excited to see each other. We really had fun and enjoyed the food. It was really fun talking about our funny experiences during those times.

Missing my work

I am so glad to know that my boss told me that I can come back to work anytime I want. It is so nice to know that I am still welcome. It reflects that I made a good record. I actually miss my work, my team mates and my patients. I am so thankful that I was given an opportunity to work with extra ordinary people and some of them became my close friends. On the ther hand, I am enjoying my time at home. It is great to be able to have a break.

Wordless Wednesday: friendship

This is taken during my farewell party. Two of my good friends hugged me for a long time. I really miss them. I am so thankful for a friend of mine who took the picture and captured that very moment. Friends are forever.

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