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I asked my friends what is a romantic gift I could give my boyfriend on our two-year anniversary.Then they respond “it’s up to you”. How many times I think about it. I want to buy a military coin for him. That’s the only thing that came up to my mind. It’s just a simple coin. So that he can not forget the memory of his father who is a military died five years ago.

Gift ideas

When it comes to our loved ones, a lot of us are creative on how to greet a special someone on his/her birthday. It’s my hubby’s birthday today! I want him to be happy. I cooked spaghetti, macaroni salad. I ordered two layers cake just nearby our house. I wrapped my gift secretly and gave it to him. It is a leather briefcases for men I wish I could make him smile.

Mama’s birthday

Mama celebrated her 57th birthday last week and we were very busy preparing foods and dessert for her. We want to make her birthday more special and meaningful. We had plenty of visitors who went home and greeted her happy birthday which made her overwhelmed and happy. Of course we also gave her a gift, a special gift from since she likes fashion and jewelry much, the four of us sisters contributed just to purchased her favorite fashion jewelry at all times.

Wedding gift

My cousin visited us today and it’s been a long time we never see her maybe because of her upcoming wedding day. She’s busy preparing everything. She came to show to us her sample wedding invitation and it was nice and simple. She’s the one made it with just less expense. Next month will be her big day. We are now thinking what would be a nice personalized wedding gifts to give for the new couple as they start their life together as married. Advance congratulation for both of you guys.

doormat gift

I am confused what gift I should give to my mom’s birthday. Three days more to go. I’ve seen a very simple and uncommon gift. Since my mom always put a doormat in our doorway, I’m going to give her a doormat. It’s not just a doormat but a beautiful wide selection of personalized doormats that I’ve never seen before. I’m so excited to give this because I knew she like this. I choose her favorite color and design.

Cheap wii accessories

Looking for wii accessories? Then you have come to the right place. Wii Accessories are available at cheap prices that you’ll want to pick up to maximize your Wii experience–especially if you’re buying it as a gift. What you are waiting for? Enjoy shopping now.

A Broken heart

I am kind of disappointed when I learn about the problem of my laptop. I left it to someone who will be using it for a certain occasion while I was out of the country for a couple of weeks. I trust that it will be taken good care of. My heart was broken knowing it because I really treasured for it has a sentimental value. It is my sister’s gift to me. I just console myself thinking that it will be fixed.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

. Merry Christmas everyone. Let’s celebrate this holiday seasons with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness to everyone. Let us not forget the really meaning of Christmas. It is time to give something to Jesus like the gift of praise, the gift of forgiveness and most of all gift of thankfulness. As you can see in this picture, It was taken last December during our Christmas party. It was a contest who will win as Santa out of a creep paper and cotton balls. The girl in the left side won. It was a lot of fun.

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