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Team devotion

In our team devotion, we read Matthew 6:5-16. It talks about the prayer and fasting. The Lord instruct us that when we pray we should go inside our room and when we fast we should not let others know that we are fasting because God will reward reward which are done in secret. I think God instruct us these because He wants us to focus on Him and not focus on other people. By doing so we will have great intimacy with God. When we are showing off to other people about being prayerful in public, our focus will not be in God but to men and pride develops somewhere there and will have the tendency to compare ourselves as holy than to others. Are Christians we should be careful how we live our lives.

WW: blue sky

I like taking shots with the nature. It made more appreciative of the beautiful God has made for us which most of time people take for granted. I always see to it that I take time to enjoy and savor the moment of the beautiful scenario which will just pass and not coming back again.

Surprising day

I received a long distance call from my close friend in Canada. She asked me what I think happened this day with excitement and enthusiasm in her voice. I told her her boyfriend proposed to her. I was right. I was so excited for her but a little bit of sad at the same time because i feel like I will loss her. But I choose not be sad but to be proud, happy and excited for her. She told me that I will her maid of honor. I made me feel so special. Though I already resigned from being a maid of honor or bridesmaid last 5 years ago, I automatically reapply for the position.. haha..haha.. I am very excited. Though it needs a lot of work for me to go to her place. I need to save and make sure I will be granted a visit visa for that matter. I hope God will be in control of everything. I really wanted to go. I can’t afford to not see her on her wedding day.

No matter where our feet take us

These are my feet and my best friend’s feet. It is our promise that even we are world’s apart now, no matter where our feet takes us, our hearts will always be together. I miss her a lot. We call each other diamond cause diamonds are forever. I really thank God for bringing her into my life as a very dear friend.

Honoring relationships

I am reminded once again of the importance of honoring relationships. Relationship is more than the things we own. We should be careful that we do not be over protected with our possessions that will hurt someone. These possessions are blessings from God and it should bless others. God has given us that blessings to bless others. We should be a good steward of it but not to the point that will be a curse instead of blessing to others. When you speak to those you care for and love, speak with patience and tolerance, know what the pressures are on you. Honour your relationships – you will be the one who benefits the most. Any relationship that you are involved in begins with you. Don’t wait for the other person to improve it; it all begins with you. Appreciation is the lifeblood of a relationship, blame is the destroyer.

A birthday card

I always keep all the letters I received especially from my ever dearest friend. This is one of them a birthday cards for me. She reminded me not to forget that God is able to do more far more for me than I ever could do for myself or that I could ever ask him for. I really love my friend. I am so grateful to God for our friendship.

Saturday prayer meeting

Today we went to our church for our Saturday prayer meeting. My uncle was the one who was assigned to share God’s word. I was reminded with the one verse he shared. He shared a verse in Matthew 4:4, it says, ” the man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” It reminds me that we will not just concern about nourishing our bodies with food but we must be concern on nourishing our souls with words of God by reading the bible, praying, listening to sermons, and quiet time with the Lord.

my small strength

Today I was reading my devotional book. The text is in Psalm 31:24; 32:8-9. It reminded me that I must be brave enough to face up the changes in my life, whatever they may be. It may be a change for the worse at times; at other times a change for the better. Either situation may be difficult to deal with in my own small strength. I do not fear because God is always by my side. He the strength in my weakness. There is always safety and comfort in Him.

True prayer

One of the new year’s resolution is to read my bible daily with the goal of reading the whole bible for one year. I have a Walk Thru the bible. It has a corresponding chapters what to read each day. I confess that sometimes I failed but I am trying to cope it up the following days. Today in my quiet time, I was reminded that true prayer is a way of life, not just an emergency detour. It’s humbling thing to acknowledge that we cannot solve our own problems- but when we let God be your problem solver, don’t be surprised if we see enemies flee and fireworks begin.

Tears of joy

Today in church, I didn’t help my tears from coming out. It was tears of joy and relief. I have an aunt who went away and left her family for a while. We were worried for their family. I felt the hurts her children feel about the situation. I personally was praying for her that God will touch her heart and to come back home. Two weeks ago she went back home for good. It made us all so happy. Today the whole family rendered a special song in the church entitled “Sheltered in the arms of God”. I just didn’t understand myself why my tears kept on coming out while listening to them. I felt so happy for them. I was so touched and I pray that they will continue to serve the Lord as a family. I was not the only one who cried but I think almost everyone in the congregation cried too. Tears of joy. To God be the glory.

Lead me Lord

As I was doing something in my computer, I heard the choir rehearsing the song entitled “Lead me Lord”. I don’t know but my tears just came out. I think I was carried away by the message of the song. It just happened that I my heart aches for something.  It is really true that I need the Lord’s guidance in my life. So many times I walk in my own way. Sometimes it is hard for me to surrender everything to him. It is very comforting to know that God never leave my side in all my days. He is always there to remind me when giving up seems easier. When I am down He is there to lift me up. When I need comfort He is always there with the promise that He is close to those who are broken hearted. There are things that happened that I don’t understand but I know there is a purpose in everything. It is just hard to embrace that but one thing I know for sure that God knows. He allowed things to happen for a reason and it is for the best of all of us. I am clinging to a hope that everything will turn out good in my life and the people I love.

Life’s another chapter

I am on the beginning of another chapter of my life. I started working a day after I took my nursing licensure exam. It was so hard for me because I wanted to rest for a month after 6 months of stressful review for the exam. But my job called me to started a day after my exam. It was stressful because I started working even before the result of the exam. It would be so awful if I fail. Thank be to God for letting me pass the exam. I was working as a staff nurse-midwife in a missionary institution. We are showing and sharing God’s love through maternity care. I did not realized that I already worked for 9 years and 4 months in the same institution. Time ran so fast. There is time for everything under heaven activity. So it is time for me for a new challenge and new chapter of my life. I feel so free now no more sleepless nights and crazy shifts. It is hard to say goodbye and be away for the work that I love. God is giving me another assignment. I miss my work, patients and the people i was working with though. I am staying home now. If feels so nice to be home. I am just waiting for God’s next project for me.

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