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Gold collection

I just received a new credit card from the company with an expiration date of one to five years. And my credit limit went up. I’m planning on the first quarter of the year to buy gold online using my credit card. I want online because I can choose any designs and sizes I want. Through internet gets faster and easier so I’ll try this.

Starry night

My father is not a professional painter but he loves painting. He has a lot of painting collection hanging on the walls. One of his paintings is like a starry night…the trees and the stars are shades of white and gray…and there is a woman behind sat on the rock wearing gold coins in her neck. I was so happy to finally see it—just what I wanted. This is one of my favorite paintings; so love to see it everyday.

Silver Accessories

If I won the lottery, my collecting habits would not change. One of my habits since I was a child is collecting silver accessories. I am very much interested in silver than gold because of its grayish-white color that looks very simple and attractive. There are something new designed accessories in sterling silver pandora where I can choose my own desired designs. It is unique and not in common forms of designs.

Blessing in disguise

It was sunny day; when I was riding along the road my eyes are so busy upon driving. So many trucks, jeepers, taxi, motor vehicles passing by and some was overtaking me. In the midst of the sun, something objects that sparked into my eyes that brought my attention while riding on. About 50 meters away, I decided to turn back and check it out. It was a 21k gold ankle chain.

Designer jewelry

Most women like me like to wear jewelry. Having jewelry is not just a luxury but it gives us women a sense of beauty to spark within us. Many of us are searching for a place where we can have designer jewelry. Wendy Cupper has a wide array of collection from fine gold to diamond jewelry. There are a lot of selection to choose from that suits your need. Treat your self with a precious gift or someone you love.

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