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Just finished

Our homes are the greatest expenditures you will have throughout our lives. We had some funny moments I’ll always remember in every corner of our house. Our house has just finished renovated and we put a Vibia lighting in every bedroom. We can’t imagine the progress of our home. It’s because of our hard work and determination. Thanks God for everything.

Home sweet home

We are so excited for the home coming of my sisters from other countries. As our reunion is approaching we want to do something unique and making sure that our newly renovated house is beautiful. We decided to put decoration inside and outside the house. As of now we are making a wall fountain. We’ve got this idea from for a wall fountain and it is almost done.

Home sweet home

We have just started renovating our house about five weeks ago. My father made sure he have a well-set plan before he start the renovations. We are all excited to see our house it would soon become double storey.

Home sweet home

As they said, there’s no place like home and i believed. That’s the reason why I wanna go home as soon as I could. I am attending the conference for two weeks. I left my house and every now and then I’m so eager go to home. I couldn’t sleep well even in the nice room with beautiful bed.

Our simple house

Maybe two months from now we will transfer to our newly built house but for the mean time it is still under construction. The flooring and roofing done. We are only working for the walling now. It is not easy to build a house it needs enough resources. Also we hired some labors to have it finished as soon as possible. We paid them in the end of the week but they can cash advance whenever they want. We can’t wait to transfer and have our own house and not to depend to my family.

Homeowner’s Insurance

One of my greatest dreams is to become a homeowner. Having a house is a good investment. Being a homeowner need to have insurance for we don’t know accidents that may happen at the home. Who does want accident? Of course everybody doesn’t want accident. But one thing for sure insurance is very important here are homeowners insurance rates that will give you the best and affordable insurance.

Cheap home insurance quote

Owning a house is a great achievement in ones life. There is no place like home. Owning a home is an investment. That is why it is very important to protect your home in the event of burglary, accident or fire, widespread loss of life and property damage cause by earthquakes of flood. You can protect it by having it insured. There are cheap and reliable home insurance quote to choose from. Do not doubt of having your house insure because the company will cover you in your times of losses.

Need a wireless router?

My sister and I were talking about purchasing a wireless router in our house so that we both have an access to internet at the same time. We only have a plug in net connection so only one of us can be on-line. We planned to have it for how many months already. It is so great that offered a wide array of router selection to choose from. I think we will choose the Linksys router. I like the style of it and at the same time it is affordable.

Quality and economicial modern furniture

I am not a professional interior designer but I really love arranging and designing my house. I want to see to it that my home is the best place for me and my whole family. One of the things I observe is that having a perfect modern furniture adds beauty in the house or in offices. At TREOmodern furniture offers a wide variety of modern furniture that suits our needs.

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