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For Gods glory

If we are serious in music we have to make sure that the gadgets and the PRS Guitars or other musical instruments we are using are in the highest standard. These were my statement when we have a meeting in the church for our development strategy. As an assigned worker for the music ministry department, I have to make it sure that all are best because these are not for ourselves, these are for Gods glory and honor.

The best music we long for

True musician looks for what is best in the future. We just started to create a new and professional group of musicians. This is for the benefit of our church music ministry. The tool of using music in expanding Gods kingdom to people who don’t know Christ and actually no relationship with Him was so effective for many years ago. This is what we long for and one of the tips gave to us was to collect all the best musical instruments as possible for it create fantastic and amazing music sound than ordinary instruments.

My future kids

It is not because I love my own, but exactly the reality is my daughter is so talented. She sung very well and can play ukelele as early as four year old. But our problem was the alignment of tune. Yet, now we have ukelele tuner, easy to use and great. My vision in the future for my kids is to make a music band and can produce an album before they reach at age of twenty.

Morning Activities

As I grew up I became increasingly interested in music. Every morning I turn on my radio and listen to the music that fills my ears like the soft sunlight filtering through the shades of my window. Songs that brings light to my dark world. I am awake without effort. Aside from music I also want to enroll classes to have an it degree as my course. This are my usual activities every morning.

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