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It is biblical that when we have a chance we do good to all. When everyone is doing it, our world will become a very good place to live in. Even in just a little act of kindness let us do it to anyone. Doing good is an opportunity we can give to someone. We should not tire of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part in their hearts. It will not only let other people happy but it will give us joy beyond compare. If you want to be happy start doing little things for others.

verse of the day

This photo is one of my sunrise photography collection. I never expected that I captured a bird on the roof. I was not the only who was waiting and witnessing as the sun rises. I love to post a verse of the day to keep me reminded of the word of God. In this verse I am reminded that in my life I need add on my faith virtue, knowledge, self control, perseverance, goodness, brotherly kindness, and love. It is my hope that I can practice it or live with it as a way of life. I admit that sometimes it is very hard especially when I am in the midst of trials and difficulties. I know that I will make it through little by little with God’s help.

verse of the day


I was reminded to have a quiet time with the Lord. In my heart I really wanted praise God and let Him be the first in my life. I sometimes failed Him but I am sure God is always willing to embrace me and forgive me. I should not forget that He is good and gracious and compassionate. I can’t imgaine myself without him. I will be so lost and my life would be meaningless.

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verse of the day


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