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India: Day three

We attended the “India Birth Mela”. I was so tired but was able to survive the whole day affair. It was a great success. It was the first time the Birth India conducted the fair. There were lots of stalls offering baby stuff. My friend’s team are selling baby slings and breastfeeding poncho. I helped them by doing sales took whenever people will come to our stall. We sold a good amount of baby slings. My friend got some new clients for her. She is offering pregnancy services like prenatals, pregnancy lectures, and being a doula during their hospital births. We were so glad when it was over. When we were about to go home, one of the teams got hurt with his finger. It was stuck in the taxi’s door when the driver shut the door. So it took us a while to go because our other friend went to find ice. It was not fun.

India: Day two

My friend and I went out and strolled about the place when our patient called stating that she is already in labor. So we hurriedly went to their house which is a 45 mins away by train and 30 minutes by rickshaw. It was so perfect because she was in labor a day after I arrived there. Three weeks before I arrived, the patient can be in labor anytime. But God really cause everything to work out. I just rested one day after the flight then she had her baby. It was her first baby. She delivered in the garden in the pool. It was our first water birth. It went so well and fast. She only had eight hours total labor. The baby was out with nuchal coil. She bled but recovered well. It was a great success for both of us. PTL. The only thing was, I had dysmennorhea and took advil for pain. I took it even though I knew that I am allergic to it. I just want to have no pain because I cannot function well if the pain will stay. So I was assisting and charting with my eyes swollen.
The patient gave birth at 7:02pm so we slept at their house after everything was done. Then we went back to our apartment about 7am because we need to attend the “Birth India Mela”. We were tired but were very fulfilled.

For the better

I am off today after my night shift. I am cleaning my computer and changing setting to improve the performance of my laptop. My dearest friend came in my room and shared me the things that were happening to her that made me cry. It was all about personal issues with our employer. I was so proud of her for speaking out what she really feels. I am so glad that it the end things turn out well although both of them were hurt.  I hope that it will change the things for the better of our clinic.

My last birth shift

The other night was my last birth shift. It seemed like the patients wants to say goodbye to me, so they all came in my shift. We had a very long night shift. There were 2 babies born, the other one was transported to the hospital for Respiratory Distress. We also had complicated postpartum patients and we sutured 3 patients. That shift it seemed like it took forever. We got to rest hours of rest then back to work again and prepared for endorsement. I am so thankful that shifts will always end. I was able to sleep the following day.

Out of my comfort zone

Two days before I left the place where I work, there was a pregnant patient to was looking for me while I was busy packing up my things. Our guard got me. He had no idea who that patient was and so was I. At first I was somewhat irritated because I was busy and I already resigned from work. I was about to tell the guard that I don’t want to see anyone but suddenly a thought came into my mind what if it is very important or what if it would be our last meeting. It took me few minutes to come down stairs. To my surprise when the patient saw me her tears started coming out as she knew that I already resigned from work. I am not exaggerating but the patient was almost sobbing. She is pregnant with her 5th baby. She was my continuity. I cared for her during her prenatal check ups until delivery. I delivered her 4 babies. She wanted me to deliver her 5th baby but she understood the reason why I resigned. She was very dismayed but I encouraged her that there will be midiwives who will take good care of her. I was so touched. I just did not realized that I played a big part in my patients’ lives. I was so thankful that I went downstairs to see her. I can’t forgive myself if I didn’t. Sometimes in life we need to get out of our comfort zone just to meet other people. It will surprise us what awaits us.

Life’s another chapter

I am on the beginning of another chapter of my life. I started working a day after I took my nursing licensure exam. It was so hard for me because I wanted to rest for a month after 6 months of stressful review for the exam. But my job called me to started a day after my exam. It was stressful because I started working even before the result of the exam. It would be so awful if I fail. Thank be to God for letting me pass the exam. I was working as a staff nurse-midwife in a missionary institution. We are showing and sharing God’s love through maternity care. I did not realized that I already worked for 9 years and 4 months in the same institution. Time ran so fast. There is time for everything under heaven activity. So it is time for me for a new challenge and new chapter of my life. I feel so free now no more sleepless nights and crazy shifts. It is hard to say goodbye and be away for the work that I love. God is giving me another assignment. I miss my work, patients and the people i was working with though. I am staying home now. If feels so nice to be home. I am just waiting for God’s next project for me.

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