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Photo hunt: hanging

This was taken during our ropes course outing. I was the one climbing the pole. It was a game, a team who can shot the ball in the ring posted on the top of the pole first the one won. We won! I used to climb banana trees when I was still a chile. I did not know how did I do it. My team was holding on the pole in order for me to climb. It was really a team work. The pole was not implanted on the ground. It was the effort of my team mates that made the pole standing without shaking while I was climbing. It was so much fun.

Photohunt : What is that?

This is the sutured thumb of my best friend. She cut herself when she opened a can good. It was a bad one that needed suturing. They were about to go the the hospital when her mom suggested that I should be the one to suture it. It was hard for me to do it because she is my friend I don’t want to hurt her but it is my duty to do it. It was really a different feeling doing it to a person whom I have a personal attachment with, unlike other patients. I injected her with tetanus shot and given antibiotics orally. Though it was an unfortunate event, it was one of our unforgettable memories together. By God’s grace it healed fine without a scar.

Photo hunt: A mother’s day tribute




I want to share these pictures as tribute to all the mothers. Pictures are kind of blurry, the camera was not set in the right mode but I love these. These are one of those moments that I’ve treasured in my life. This was taken 2 years ago. I delivered my cousin’s 2nd baby, a home delivery. Her first baby (I also delivered, home birth) was there during the birth. As you can see in the first picture, she was touching her mother’s forehead as she was asking her if it was painful. I really can tell that she was sharing the pains with her mother. The second picture, she was looking at and acquainting her new brother. The third picture, is the best. She kissed her mom and her brother was looking at them. It’s wordless. It was one of those precious and wonderful time I have as a nurse-midwife. I really appreciate and salute all the mothers in the world, you are all awesome and amazing. Happy mother’s day.

Photo hunt: Time for endorsement


This is my photo hunt entry for this week. It was taken during our birth room shift. It was a very quiet shift. My friend and I were doing crazy things. For eight hours there were no patients came in. We were so glad that the shift was almost over. Time for endorsement 2pm.

Photo hunt # 106: Thirteen (13)

It took me awhile to think what should be my entry for this week with this theme “thirteen”. I have a collection of old coins. An idea came into my mind. These are some of coins that I collected. Have a happy great weekend everyone.

Photo hunt # 105: Twisted

It was in the last minute a crazy idea came into my mind of theme “twisted”. I twisted my fingers and I had my sister took a picture of it. Happy photo hunting everyone.

Photo hunt # 100: Different


This is something different I ever did in my life. It was taken by my best friend 2 years ago. We just had it for fun. My best friend suggested that I should pause like a man peeing. I agreed. I thought it’s so fun to do that pause, something different not just smiling and looking at the camera for a picture. We really had a lot of fun. I can’t imagine though myself peeing like a man. Can you?

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