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WW: blue sky

I like taking shots with the nature. It made more appreciative of the beautiful God has made for us which most of time people take for granted. I always see to it that I take time to enjoy and savor the moment of the beautiful scenario which will just pass and not coming back again.

Verse of the day

Lately, I am worrying about my future. I came to the point that it seems I am not sure what my future will be. Sometimes I doubt God’s promises for giving me a future full of hope. As human as I am, I can’t help to worry. It is good to be reminded by his words to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things. It helps me go in the right track. There were so many times in the past that I worry a lot about things but when it came, I realized that I just worrying for nothing. It always turned out to be less than I expected things to happen. Let us just give God everything so that we will not worry of the things.

Sky Watch Friday


This is my sky watch Friday entry this week. This picture is one of my collections of sky pictures. Even before I joined sky watch Friday, I already have collected photos of the sunrise, sunset, and blue sky. I was so glad I found sky watch Friday. I am excited to share my entries and see others entries.

Sky watch


WW: a stormy sunrise

I have taken many sunrise photos. This is unique because it is not just a sunrise but it is a stormy sunrise. It is so amazing to witness the supernatural color of the mighty power of the creator.

Roses from my patients

My last day of my work was on March 30, 2008 prenatal clinic. We did just a normal prenatal day. We had patients’ devotion bible study and health teachings. There were about 70 patients waiting to be checked. I was waiting for the time when we could start our long day. I was wondering why it took so long for my co-midwife doing her health teaching. I was about to go in to the room to remind her that the time is up but my friend hindered me in doing so and ushered me to the other room which I did not mind. To my surprise the reason why it took too long was my friends and our patients were taking thorns out from the roses stem. I was called to sit in front of them. I did not know why my tears just kept on comning out even before I took a sit. Each patients handed me those roses. What a touching moment. I felt so loved. There were patients who were crying, some thanked me, some hugged me for a long time and some were asking why I should leave. I was so surprised. It was hard but it was good to know that I touched patients’ lives.



Wordless Wednesday

I was making sweet spaghetti for my sister’s birthday. Those are some of the ingredients for the spaghetti sauce. Those are finely diced carrots, union and garlic.

Wordless Wednesday: Saturday edition




Today is my sister’s birthday. She will have a party later today. We are preparing a lot of food. I am making Sweet Spaghetti. uhmmm… very yummy!!! This the favorite of my other sister. It is sad to say that she is not around. She is in the other part of the world. You guys are all invited to the party!!! lol. Have a happy week end everyone.!!!

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