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Sky watch Friday


Verse of the day

Lately, I am worrying about my future. I came to the point that it seems I am not sure what my future will be. Sometimes I doubt God’s promises for giving me a future full of hope. As human as I am, I can’t help to worry. It is good to be reminded by his words to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things. It helps me go in the right track. There were so many times in the past that I worry a lot about things but when it came, I realized that I just worrying for nothing. It always turned out to be less than I expected things to happen. Let us just give God everything so that we will not worry of the things.

Photo hunt# 116 : Bright

I really love taking sunrise photos. This is one of them. It feels so great to witness as the sun rises. I can really see how marvelous God is. His works are wonderful.

WW: a stormy sunrise

I have taken many sunrise photos. This is unique because it is not just a sunrise but it is a stormy sunrise. It is so amazing to witness the supernatural color of the mighty power of the creator.

Wordless Wednesday: Tuesday edition

This is my photo entry for wordless wednesday: tuesday edition. I took this picture the other day. I like taking pictures not just with sunrise and sunset but also with the blue sky. It is such an amazing thing to capture the natural and beautiful gift God has given to us. have a wonderful day to all.

Wordless Wednesday: monday edition

This is a sunrise photo I took this morning. I really like it. The beauty of itself is beyond description. It reflects God’s mighty and marvelous works. Just lately I take time to be able to witness the sun rises everyday if given a chance. I do accept that there were so many times that I just ignored it. I now really appreciate the beauty and wonders of it. Have a wonderful week every one.

Wordless sunday edition: not just a sunrise

I took pictures of sunrise this week. This photo is a unique one because this is not just about the sunrise but also it is about love. I never thought I captured this love birds while taking sunrise photos. I just noticed them when I was browsing the pictures I had taken. The other photo i had, there was only 1 bird waiting for her lover after few seconds her lover joined with her. The two of them were excited to be witnesses of the marvelous beauty of the sunrise. Have a wonderful weekend every one.

Photo hunt # 101: I spy

This is my photo hunt entry. I took this picture the other day. I love taking pictures early in the morning and capture the sunrise. While I was taking pictures, I never thought I captured a bird. I just noticed it when I was browsing the pics in my computer. I think it is pretty amazing and wonderful. Can you find the bird in the picture? It’s pretty obvious. =) Have a happy photo hunting everyone.God bless.

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