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WW: pregnant green fish


WW: island


WW: the tallest beer bottle


Hi everyone! I welcome myself back to WW. It has been so long I haven’t posted an WW. I was kind of busy working. anyway, I had a chance witness the harvest festival at Davao, Philippines. One of the things that really caught my eye is this very tall beer bottle. This is the tallest beer bottle I have ever seen.

Wordless Wednesday


WW: Newly born baby

A newly born baby delivered at home. He is my cousin’s son. I was her midwife. She had a long labor and delivery but everything went well by God’s grace. He is very cute. He is now 1 year and 5 months. It feels so great to be there with them when he came out.

WW: Midwives versus babies

This was taken during one of the busy shifts in our clinic. These are my co-workers. It is so fun to deliver many babies in a shift. It is amazing to know how babies born at the same time or almost at the same time. It is so crazy when they come at the same time. 6 Midwives versus 9 babies… and the winner …………….BABIES!!!

WW: The best surprise

This is taken when my best friend came to our open house party. It was the best surprise I ever had. She left in the place where we worked together. I thought I would never see her again. She went home in Canada for 2 years. I was happy to see her and spend time with her.

Wordless Wednesday: friendship

This is taken during my farewell party. Two of my good friends hugged me for a long time. I really miss them. I am so thankful for a friend of mine who took the picture and captured that very moment. Friends are forever.

Wordless Wednesday: Saturday edition




Today is my sister’s birthday. She will have a party later today. We are preparing a lot of food. I am making Sweet Spaghetti. uhmmm… very yummy!!! This the favorite of my other sister. It is sad to say that she is not around. She is in the other part of the world. You guys are all invited to the party!!! lol. Have a happy week end everyone.!!!

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